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Names of fonts?
thetanukizombie at 4:59AM, Feb. 7, 2011
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Hi, I was wondering if for example is mentioned a name of a font like New Times Roman or Baskerville, would I run into any touble because these are actual names of the fonts. Any feed back would be of great help for me in the progress of my comic. Thanks
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ozoneocean at 9:27PM, Feb. 10, 2011
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Mentioning them in what context?

In most that I can imagine, you should be fine. -unless you've made your own new font and you're selling it with the name “Times New Roman”. :)
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skoolmunkee at 3:22PM, Feb. 12, 2011
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I'm sure this just got asked someplace in another of the forums…

I'm sure it's fine to use the name of a font, that's what the name of a font is for, so you have something to call it when you want to talk about it. :] Unless as Oz says, you're making a new font trying to use the same name.
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