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lukee at 7:02PM, April 24, 2006
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Anyone here listen to NPR? If so, what's your favourite program?

(put my vote in for Wait Wait, Don't Tell Me)
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ozoneocean at 7:09PM, April 24, 2006
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All Things Considered. That's nice :)
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SpANG at 6:15AM, April 25, 2006
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both of the above. Plus Fresh Air, Echos, and car talk, of course!

It also starts my day as my 6:45 alarm. It's nice to get unbiased journalism in the morning before you get bashed with the slanted views of CNN and Fox News.

… now, who actually pledges?

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ozoneocean at 7:06AM, April 26, 2006
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Ahhh, pledging would be too tricky for me…

My fave radio stations to work to at the moment are BBC4 and BBC7.
Excelent comedy on BBC7!
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Terminal at 6:37PM, April 29, 2006
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All Things Considered is quite nice. I love listening to kcrw's programs like Morning Becomes Eclectic, Sounds Eclectic, Nocturna and Metropolis. :wink:

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Tyrapendragon at 1:41PM, May 2, 2006
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I am adicted to “This American Life.” I listen to old episodes online at work.

I also still like “A Prarie Home Companion”

I plege to my local station.
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