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SpANG at 6:08PM, Dec. 21, 2006
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Anybody watch this? Basically the moral of this game is "You can't always judge a book by it's cover… But, you usually can." Lovely lesson for the kids.

I, for one, am very dissapointed. I thought there would be a big Q&A session where the contestent would need to use their deductive skills to- nah, I actually just hoped that. I pretty much knew it would be a “guessing game”. Anybody notice how “Dumbed down” all the prime-time gameshows have become? Ah, well. At least there is still “Jeopardy”.
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isukun at 8:18PM, Dec. 21, 2006
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Even Jeopardy has been seriously dumbed down over the years. I can answer most of the questions these days and I know it's not because I'm getting smarter.
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