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Need 2 artists (or 1 really awesome one)
Jillers at 8:33PM, Sept. 2, 2006
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Two seperate things - 1 is I need (or want) someone who is good with aprites to do one comic for me, involving Kirby and Master Cheif. As I suck at sprites and the like, after having several failed attempts at trying to make it myself, I've decided to ask for help. It would be for Prrof of Existence, and wouldn't be up until November, so you have time and all, so no real rush - or else I'll just skip this one idea forever.

The other one is for a long term project I've been trying to work on for the past 2 years with friends of mine, but school getting in the way for all of us it never happened - it's a medieval fantasy peice, so I'd like someone who is familar with the theme (or at least likes it) - ideally it would be a story updated once a week, but since ideals don't happen and life does, I won't hold anyone to that - if we could churn out 2 or 3 really good pages a month I'd be thrilled.

So, yeah, that's my spiel. If anyone's interested you can PM me, IM A Fustian Riddle or email with questions, comments etc…
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