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Need some Help starting with Webcomics
buddha55 at 9:55PM, March 24, 2011
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Hey Guys I'm Kinda of new to the forum but, just from reading some of these posts I can tell that most of you really know your stuff about webcomics. Anyway, My question is about what I need to learn before I should attempt building a webpage for a webcomic. I am in the process of writing some short story scripts and within a month or two I hope to be looking for an artist to illustrate them. What I was wondering is what you suggest I learn about building and maintaining a webpage. I've used front page and I know a little about html but that was a real long time ago. If anyone can give me some suggestions possibly some books I should read it would really help out.
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cuttercatcomics at 10:34PM, March 24, 2011
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Basically learn Wordpress with ComicPress plugin. Takes a bit to get used to, but it is what most people use that have a web comic. Hope this helps!
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BffSatan at 9:07AM, March 25, 2011
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I use comic CMS.

You should learn a little bit about html, and more importantly, CSS. Comic CMS has a very easy to edit template using mostly CSS and some html. CSS is pretty easy to learn as you go, googleing anything you don't understand.

I haven't used comicpress, but I assume it'd be the same.
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Tim Wellman at 11:58AM, March 25, 2011
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If you're talking about building a stand-alone website, then the comments should be very helpful, but keep in mind you don't have to know anything about building websites to put your comic on DrunkDuck. It's all form-driven, so you just fill in the blanks basically.

It's been a couple of years since I built a separate website for webcomics, but I used the Walrus script.
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buddha55 at 3:09PM, March 25, 2011
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Thanks for the comments guys really helpful you've given me alot of good idea's where to start.
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