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Need talented artists help!
Ashwolfe at 10:50AM, Aug. 16, 2007
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Hello I am Ashley and I need some charecter designs because I want variaty in my comic Zombies In Space!! Would love help!

First off I Would absolutely love it if some talented artists would give me renditions of sceintist with a before infection look and a after they are a zombie look! I will incorporate several designs into the story! At this point I am story boarding and getting the main charecter and her ship to my liking. As well your name will be on the comic if I add your design! Ooh and I need a Main Male charecter and another Main Female char! Thanks soo much!
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Kohdok at 4:15PM, Aug. 16, 2007
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Well, what's the leading lady like? I can't make a good complementary female character without knowing what the first one is like.

As for the scientist, are you talking normal zombie or are you talking a super zombie like the G-type?
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