Nergal interviews Pieguy259 of Stickman and Cube!
skoolmunkee at 12:51PM, Dec. 14, 2010
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This interview is of Pieguy259, whose comic is: Stickman and Cube!

(interview conducted by Nergal!)

Do you like pie or math? Or both?
If pie, what is your favorite kind of pie?

I hate maths, but I love amusing visual puns. My favourite kind of pie is beef, bacon and cheese.

Do you ever plan with Stickman and Cube and where it's headed? Because it all seems to be pretty random.

I plan some of it, but a lot of it is just made up on the spot, because I AM THAT AWESOME. I have a couple stories planned for upcoming soon-ness, so keep an eye out for them.

I've noticed you've earned some well deserved nominations in the DD awards throughout the years. What would you say is your comic's greatest accomplishment?

Lasting this long. If you'd told me in 2007 that Stickman and Cube would become a moderately successful webcomic with almost 400 pages, I would have laughed and pointed at your craziness. But really, I appreciate the fans who've stuck with me through thick and thin, hiatii and cheesy Christmas stories. The fans who haven't are clearly SATAN. AND EAT BABIES. WITH MUSTARD.

Some of your side characters seem to have a nice following, like El Bricko Loco or my favorite, Mister Morph. Can readers ever expect a spin-off comic?
Mister Morph isn't mine. Azumorph is from the excellent comic Heroes Unite, which you should definitely go check out.

Ah I see! What about Bricko Loco or some of the other characters from the auditions?
El Bricko Loco? Oh dear, I shudder to think of him getting a spinoff. Most of the auditioning characters were graciously lent to me by other artists.

I dunno. Maybe Blickman and Blube? In all seriousness, the only character I'd ever consider spinning off is Captain Invisible, and how would I keep readers entertained when the dynamic duo is busy?

So right now it seems you're answering some reader mail at your comic and readers have just a little more time to submit questions. Do you have a favorite letter or comment you've received from a fan?

Oh, you know, I'm partial to any letter or comment that strokes my ego.

Ever get the opposite?
Well, once when I Googled Stickman and Cube I found some unfavourable comments on a forum. It took three months to bring me out of my depression spiral.

It was another stick comic forum, actually. I'm not going to name names, but SCREW YOU ASTOUNDING LEAGUE OF SUPERPOWERED STICK PEOPLE

Well the first thing I noticed is the awesome banner you have for your comic. You must get a lot of comments about that right?
Why, what an unexpected question! No, this is the first time anybody's asked. It's a new banner, more streamlined than the old one. I thought it was time for a change. The Author defaced the old one, as my readers might recall, during the auditions. I hunted out a tall skinny font and a cube font just for it.

Well the results turned out very well. It sure is spiffy. I'm glad I thought up that question all on my own with absolutely no help or prompting from you.
I am as well!

If someone offered to pay you a decent penny to serialize your comic, but you had to develop a plot in a specific genre, say rom-com or political, would you agree?

I only accept indecent pennies.

We've already done lots of political stuff… well, alright, two Australian elections, but elections are political, right? In all honesty, I'm not sure I could shoehorn S&C into any particular genre.

And a rom com? Really? I… please, fans, no Rule 34 of that. I beg you.

Do you ever base the banter between Stickman and Cube on real-life conversations?

Oh, all the time. They talk inside my head. WHY WON'T THE TALKING STOP. THE INCESSANT DAMNABLE VOICES.

In all seriousness: no, my life isn't nearly interesting enough.

Do Stickman and Cube have Australian accents?

Fair dinkum they do! Sophisticated and refined Australian accents, mind you SHUT UP THEY DO EXIST.

Now I have to re-read your comic with Australian accents. If your comic was animated, who would you pick to do the voice-overs?

I'd do them myself if I thought I could keep the voices distinct. Honestly, I don't know. Not very familiar with voice over artistes.

Have you, or will you ever draw your comic in traditional style i.e. pencil and paper?
Can you draw in other styles?

I used to chicken-scratch my way through pen and paper before moving to the web. As for other styles, I can draw in Awful and Really Awful.

So Stickman and Cube has been on the duck for a little more than 3 years now, according to the date on the first strip. Is it something you plan to continue till you're old and gray or do you have a set length in mind?

Hmm. I don't know. I have no finish planned out, but I don't know how long I'll be doing this either. I suspect if I ever get thoroughly sick of it I'll post some kind of ending. That or cut off right in the middle of someth
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demontales at 5:13PM, Dec. 14, 2010
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Fun and interesting interreview. I'm glad interviews are back, thought they were going to disappear
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Genejoke at 8:01AM, Dec. 15, 2010
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Yeah the interviews are cool, more people should do them, speaking of which…
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Nergal at 6:38PM, Dec. 17, 2010
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If there's anyone fun to interview it's definitely Pieguy!
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Dang Pieguy you are one funny SOB.
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