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messenjah at 6:58AM, Oct. 20, 2006
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hello everyone im new here i just wanted to say hello and all that stuff

i would also like to point you in the direction of my webcomic "Tales of the disturbed one"

its a fantasy / superhero story exploring how a man gets turned into a monster. How a monster is made within and the psychology of it. Very focussed on romance and greatly based on my own personal experience.

The whole superhero part doesnt kick in until about half way through chapter 2

i have already planned 3 chapters

chapter 1: Source of the sickness (currently in progress): tells the story of the character(Daniel)'s failing romantic life and is slow breakdown into insanity.

chapter 2: Believe in the cure (name subject to possible change): tells the story of his attempts to “cure” himeself of the insanity that is overtaking his mind and the physical transformations its causing

chapter 3: Screams of the undead (name subject to possible change): tell of him using this insanity and physical mutations to avenge those who have been emotionally hurt by others

the comic is drawn mostly in english or math lesson at school and done on graph paper to make it look a bit like a journal / diary of the man himself.

Tales of the disturbed one:
Chapter 1:
The source of the sickness

A story of a man who becomes a monster through psychological torment.
A romantic emotional fantasy story based in part on my own life.

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xkyuketsuki at 3:20PM, Oct. 21, 2006
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Hiii and welcomes!
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