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New Open Source Program
Scott Story at 8:04PM, Nov. 27, 2006
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Hi, Folks

I have not tried this myself, as I'm pretty set on Photoshop, but there is a new open source image program besides GIMP

It's free, supports layers, has unlimited undo, and looks like it has pretty easy and intuitive use. I know some of you are limited to programs that won't let you save in layers, and have other limitations.

Hope this helps!

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gigatwo at 4:34PM, Nov. 28, 2006
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According to a freind of mine, it has quite a ways to go before evern catching up to the GIMP. Nonetheless, it's probably still useful, expecially for mspaint users.
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CharleyHorse at 10:27AM, Jan. 8, 2007
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I've just stumbled across this post and since I am now using the Paint-Net program a great deal of late I thought I'd add my two cents worth. Mostly it's a fairly intuitive program, has enough features to get most cartoon related work done, and saves in most of the popular formats, I have found it relatively useful and user friendly - particularly for newbies to digital art work.

Now it is not a super application in that it can compare to other freeware applications such as GIMP or GIMP-Shop so far as features go, but it is gradually moving up into that range of utility and service. The current beta release is about to become standard, and it IS feature-packed compared to the earlier versions.

One downside is that there is as of yet no spray paint feature in the program. Some people need that sort of thing and some do not. I do believe that in the Paint-Net forums, someone managed to craft together a end-around solution to that problem.

Here's the nitty-gritty, Paint-Net is far more user friendly than GIMP for newbie usage, but probably NOT significantly more user friendly than GIMP-SHOP, and since GIMP-SHOP is becoming a rival for Photo-Shop in some respect, why not use Gimp-Shop instead?

I dunno . . . I've got Gimp-Shop on my 'puter but have so far found Paint-Net more my cup of tea. Go figure.

I hope this critique helps people.
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