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Ninja Assassin
NickGuy at 9:52PM, Nov. 26, 2009
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McTeague does a generally good job with this movie, directing-wise. The dialogue is laugh out loud funny at times, Rain has some good zingers. The movie flows very well! I never felt like the movie dragged. The laundry scene was funny, chick was digging on rain then WHOOSH! SHES A NINJA! lolz.

The europol scenes were a distraction, and the ending kinda disappoints…i didnt want the europol cops to be the hero, I wanted rain to go apeshit on everyone but that didnt ruin the beautiful sword fighting for me. some effects were overdone, but i never personally got tired of seeing ninjas come out of the tiniest shadow. and this movie is dark, because ninjas work in shadows, DUH. so yes, some action is obscured but you really get the claustrophobic fear and the almost hopelessness that if these ninjas attacked you, even surroounded by the military your only hope would be to tuck your head between your legs and kiss it goodbye.

there is a shaky cam scene, but its not so shaky you lose track of the action. the ninja training scenes were reminiscent of 300, except alot less cheesy and melodramatic.

sadly, this movie doesnt take the top spot on my “best movies of all time” list, but it definitely is the most stylish and exciting ninja movie i can remember seeing ever.


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FuglyCharlie at 3:45PM, Dec. 4, 2009
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“NINJA ASSASSIN” movie looks wicked cool! CAN'T wait to see it!

The film studios haven't made a ninja movie since the late-1980's. I'm super excited for this one.
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