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No earth to live no more for webcomic artists in 60 years?
ozoneocean at 3:40PM, May 15, 2007
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So then Shane, how would you imagine that nuclear blasts are in any way related to the problems involved in the increased amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere? -since they don't produce carbon dioxide unless they burn objects on the surface of the earth, and even then it'd only be as much carbon released as a single bush fire or city fire.

And do you imagine that they destroy ozone in the atmosphere? They tend not to be detonated that high really (as far as I know)… and the explosions were just single instances, not on-going and constant destruction like the continuous production and release into the atmosphere of chlorofluorocarbons.

What do your historical tests of atomic explosions in the atmosphere actually do to that atmosphere? I'd love to know since you're the expert on this subject. They did release a lot of energy, there was a lot of different forms of harmful radiation released and dissipated… So what? Do you know something about the long term effects of this that thousands of climate scientists, nuclear physicists, and meteorologists have been overlooking for the past six decades?

-I'll just add that I'm happy you posted that Shane, it's good to raise the level here! So MUCH better than banal statements like “I'm gonna be dead I dun care” etc. This forum is really missing this kind of thing at the moment.
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hat at 9:02PM, May 15, 2007
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Well it's not until the government forces us to change our ways that we'll see any positive change. We have all the tools we need to stop this, but nothing gets done, probably because of laziness.

I think our Earth will end by an asteroid anyway.
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