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O.K. Kids. Time for ANOTHER Lame-O Question
tiki_carol at 4:46PM, Oct. 18, 2010
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This one is more or less opinion oriented, so let it all hang out (as the kids say).
Here's the deal-i-o:
Time to do my strip is nill and that is not changing within the near future.
BUT, I do have the old typed scripts scanned in.
-Do I post them?
-Not post comics until art is done even if it means weeks or months between installments?
-Put feelers out for guest artists?
-let the damn thing die on the vine.

(not too sweet on the last 2 options).

I'd be interested in reading your thoughts and any other options.

This community is the BEST!
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ZeroGee at 5:01PM, Oct. 18, 2010
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If you have interest in it, draw it. If you dont feel as enthusiastic about it now as you did then, it will reflect on your work.
If you just dont have time to do it, you might have to have another draw it.

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skoolmunkee at 2:22PM, Oct. 19, 2010
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Hm. It will depend on what your aim is, I think. They both have good and bad points, you'll just have to weigh that. Perhaps you can adopt some of them and balance it somehow.

- typed scripts- this might interest current followers (unless they've seen them before in strip form) but would probably put off new visitors.

- sporadic updates- probably the ‘purest’ solution, you're not mixing up your usual content, it's just coming out less predictably. Most readers understand some comics go on hiatus, and the Favorites system on DD is pretty good for catching favorited comics which are making random updates.

- guest artists- this is a common solution, but in my experience guest comics are generally of lower quality, or at least very different, than what a person would normally be posting. Too much guest content can annoy regular readers (unless it is high-quality guest content). I'm actually quite against guest comics in place of regular updates, but some very networked people do well by them. However it can be very hard to get these unless you're lucky.

-do nothing- I wouldn't recommend this. Even one comic a month is better than none. A year ago I ended up having to take a month off from updating my comics, and a year later (even now that I have time) I'm still not updating them. It's hard to get back into the habit and the longer you go without updating the more intimidating it is to post new ones.
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binaryfaye at 8:01PM, Oct. 19, 2010
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It depends on the kind of comic you're doing. If it's very serious and action packed or needs a lot of visual cues to tell the story, than definitely make sure you do the art the way it needs to be done. Otherwise either the story won't make sense to anyone else or the the readers will kind of feel cheated because your great story doesn't have the art to showcase it.

Humor stories can get away with having more of a “sketch” version. Even if it's just a couple of colored in stick figures it will tell the story and convey the humor.

Typed up scripts would most likely turn off some of your readers. To me it seems more like seeing a spoiler. I'd rather read it when it's all finished and polished.

Guest strips are alright, but only a temporary fix. If you're taking a quick vacation from your strip for some reason it's okay as filler. If the break is going to be ongoing than it's not really much of a solution.

I'd also advise not sticking your comic on hiatus and hoping you'll “find the time” to get back to it. Life is probably always going to be throwing things at you. Forcing yourself to make the time may be the only way it'll ever get done.

So yeah, a long verbose post that pretty much just casts my vote for option #2….

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