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Oh Disney...
BffSatan at 12:40AM, April 8, 2009
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Product Placement at 1:58AM, April 8, 2009
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Wow. The Robin Hood cartoon was pretty much a copy/paste.
Those were my two cents.
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AleisterCaine at 2:09AM, April 8, 2009
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Oh mannn… Robin Hood was one of my fave Disney movies since I was a kid! ;___;

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Custard Trout at 2:32AM, April 8, 2009
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This was actually a pretty common practice with 2D animation, since it lowered the workload, time, and production costs. Especially since most (or all) of Disney's animation was rotoscoped, they probably just reused the footage.

They probably reuse a lot of 3D stuff as well, since it's really easy to recycle skeletons and meshes and textures and the like.
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ozoneocean at 2:44AM, April 8, 2009
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Yeah, the rotoscoping… Heh, all that tracing from photos. I'd say they mostly traced over the old animation drawings though rather than reusing the rotoscoping since the unusual character shapes are so similar.- Really is closer to copy and paste :)

But the most of Disney's characters all looked alike, acted alike, WERE the same basically, over and over. And all those nice free out of copyright works they based the stuff on was always adapted to pretty much be almost the same story each time anyway. lol!
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bravo1102 at 3:31AM, April 8, 2009
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Disney himself hated doing this. He hated the later films especially Robin Hood because of all the rotoscoping and self-plagarism. In Jungle Book/Robin Hood; Baloo and Little John were even voiced by the same person. Jungle Book/Robin Hood were done within a few years of each other and to pump them out they did trace. And Disney hated it.

As for Beauty and the Beast the similarity to the dancing scene in Cinderella is intentional as the animators were trying to recapture the magic of what is considered by many to be Disney's greatest achievement.

In the latest Disney films the self-plagarism is often intentional. They're tributes to the earlier films.
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Jonko at 8:40AM, April 8, 2009
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I mean, I guess it does make sense. Movies like this DO take a large amount of time, and in the end they all ended up being great movies (at least in my childhood opinion).
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Chernobog at 2:23PM, April 8, 2009
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Hmm… is this partially why so many Disney villains wind up falling off some cliff or otherwise high elevation in the end?
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seventy2 at 2:32PM, April 8, 2009
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i knew it.
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Scribe_Drizz at 3:58PM, April 8, 2009
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I don't care. Robin Hood is still hot.

On the other hand, I liked hearing the same voice actors, like Sterling Holloway; the guy that did Winnie the Pooh and Kaa.

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lba at 4:42PM, April 8, 2009
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Custard beat me to it, but it really does make sense.
lot of the walk cycles and basic squences in old Warner brothers cartoons are copied. Why bother redrawing bugs bunny walking in a straight line if you've already got it on footage and you can just swap out the backgrounds?
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AleisterCaine at 5:40PM, April 8, 2009
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I kind of understand their reason for doing it… but now it leaves the movies with a tarnished image. Dang.
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Jonko at 8:48AM, April 10, 2009
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Hmm… is this partially why so many Disney villains wind up falling off some cliff or otherwise high elevation in the end?

I'm sure that the reason for that is that Disney wants to kill off their villains without any type of *gasp* violence! Although I must say the death of the villain in Tarzan was EXTREMELY violent for a children's film.
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Dark Pascual at 11:16AM, April 10, 2009
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As Custard said, that's indeed is a pretty common practice on 2D AND on 3D animation.

Specially on 3D, develope a character is hard, and anything that helps to save time is highly welcomed. Must of the times, some scenery and the basic mesh and sketeltons are indeed reused and sometimes just reshaped…
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lothar at 3:59PM, April 10, 2009
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they've been recycling characters and plots all this time , why not the drawings too.

i never knew that disney used rotoscope , that's kinda like the oldschool version of these fake 2d cartoons made with computers
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Ushio at 6:02PM, April 11, 2009
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Disney would probably turn in his grave if he ever saw that. He was more one to take risks than cut corners.

He died just before Jungle Book came out, so seeing lazily efforts made in later films like Robin Hood and Aristocats is telling. (the Beauty and the Beast link was a bit thin in my opinion though)

There's been some good stuff in more recent years though, so I won't complain too loudly. ;-)
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mishi_hime at 8:42AM, April 12, 2009
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Well it must have taken them ages to pop those movies out, and dance scenes don't really matter much to the story anyway.

If there's anything to bitch about Disney wise. Its that they churn out bad sequels to beloved movies.
The best thing they own now is the miyazaki movies, pixar and their theme parks.
Don't hate them for a little tracing.
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Puff_Of_Smoke at 6:02PM, April 13, 2009
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Budget ain't what it used to be.
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