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Oh jees! This news article reeks with Irony.
Product Placement at 12:14PM, Jan. 31, 2009
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TOKYO (Reuters) – A blaze broke out at a fire station in Japan this week after a firefighter left a cooking stove burning as crew members left the station to respond to emergency calls.

Most of the duty staffers were out on a call when their colleague, alone at the station and cooking dinner for the crew, was himself called out.

In his haste to respond to the call, he forgot to turn the stove off, said Seiji Hori, a Nagoya City Fire Department official. Ten fire trucks from other stations put out the fire, Hori added.

“We are an institute that should be in a position to educate people about fire, so we are extremely sorry that such an incident happened,” Hori said, adding that they would consider ordering-in for dinner from now on.

(Reporting by Yoko Kubota; Editing by Jeremy Laurence)
Those were my two cents.
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lothar at 6:37PM, Jan. 31, 2009
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LOL , i'm really surprised more things dont catch on fire here . and its funny that that article has an image that has absolutly nothing to do with the story - titled
“A man walks past a burning vehicle in a Loyalist area in North Belfast September 12, 2005.” wtf ??
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Senshuu at 5:28AM, Feb. 3, 2009
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I was going to say that sounded like the kind of thing I would do, but no, I couldn't possibly ever let that happen. c_c
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