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Oh my god...
SarahN at 9:55PM, June 4, 2006
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Uh…buh? Is this going to be the final thing they do?
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Terminal at 10:21PM, June 4, 2006
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Didn't they say they are going to continue the show two years after the movie?

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PhatScurl at 6:38AM, June 5, 2006
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:shock: Great Gods of Nachos, i pray this movie doesn't suck monkey balls. And part of me is surprised its gonna be G! G people! THE FNUCKING SIMPSONS G!!!!! O HOW CAN THIS BE!!!
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Ian Jay at 10:01AM, June 5, 2006
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Mmmm. Yes. The Simpsons movie is coming out. And I hear Fonzie waterskiing over a whole school of sharks down at the Fox studio.

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Mimarin at 10:17AM, June 5, 2006
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I bet it has an alien invasion plot or something.
Of course you will. All intelligent beings dream. Nobody knows why.

Also, tell random people they are awsome! it helps!
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AQua_ng at 10:29AM, June 5, 2006
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Doubt it, they used that plot on Hit & Run. But I woldn't rule that out.

Main Entry: jump the shark
Part of Speech: noun phrase
Definition: the point at which a popular television show has gone past its peak and has resorted to stunt programming, after which it is eventually is canceled
Example: When did Frasier jump the shark?
Etymology: refers to episode on Happy Days after which this occurred

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ccs1989 at 1:22PM, June 5, 2006
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“If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.”
-Henry David Thoreau, Walden
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Marl at 3:01PM, June 5, 2006
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It'll all end in tears…. *shakes head sadly*

That's the beatiful thing about pessimism. If I'm right, I get the “Hah, told you so” factor, and if I'm wrong I get pleasantly surprised. =D
“Rawglrglrglrglrgl!” quoth the murloc, his wrath inflamed.
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SpANG at 4:42PM, June 5, 2006
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July 27, Cham. Happy birthday to US! :lol:

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“To a rational mind, nothing is inexplicable. Only unexplained.”
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