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Old Woman! Man! Man, Sorry.
Peter Melvin at 7:31AM, May 26, 2007
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I'm 27.
I'm 27 I'm not old!

Sorry to paraphrase MPatHG there but well tommorrow is my 27th birthday and, given that I've just graduated university, most of the people I hang about with are a good five or six years younger than me I do tend to get called old a lot.

Which I think is just stupid, I'm 27, not 107 for gawds sakes.

When does one become old?

When you hit 30? 40? When you retire?

I reckon its when you lose all sense of your youth and fully embrace the adult world of houses, children and cars. Mortgages, offices and pension funds are all designed to sap your will and destroy your youthfulness. When the gears of the world finally crush your soul like so much dry kindling and you find yourself contemplating a nice quiet caravan holiday in Rhyll (Wales) THAT is when you are old.

Not when you are 27.

Now get off my case. And get off my lawn as well, damn kids!

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marine at 7:53AM, May 26, 2007
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I think around age two I start feeling suicidal because of my want to abandon the world I live in. Then I found video games and comic books.

Really, around when I got out of high school I was feeling weird. Then I just kept getting older. Ahead of people. Now I'm obsolete. I'm old news. I've gotta be thrown out to make way for the newer generation of shitheads.
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dueeast at 8:00AM, May 26, 2007
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Old is a state of mind. I become more convinced of that as I get um, older!

I'm 37 years old. I'll be 38 at the end of August. (I don't think I've yet mentioned that my wife and I have the same birthday, although she is five years younger than me.) I'm in a band with someone about 15 years older than me but he's more active and enthusiastic and even stronger than I am. He has a great attitude about life and just being himself, he has a physical job, he's a guitar-player/songwriter but he also landscapes his yard and has his own garden.

I know people my age and a little older who act like they're on their deathbed or like life is over. It makes them seem “old” because they're not enjoying their life, they feel unfulfilled and most importantly, they see themselves as getting older. It's all about perspective.

Unless you're a huge fan of reincarnation, this is the only life you've got, so why be miserable and why limit yourself? I recognize my limitations (I have a couple of health issues and lactose intolerance, so I can't exactly ignore that) but I also make a point to be grateful for what I have each day: my faith, my wife, my kids, my job, a roof over our heads and this ability to crank out webcomics and meet cool people in forums like this. It's all good…

Okay, I'm done babbling. Next! :)
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Evil_Snuffkin at 6:15AM, May 27, 2007
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People at my 6th form call me old but I'm only 18 (going on 19)! I think people are just plain crazy, they'll stay stuff without even thinking whether it make sense or if it might upset the person they're saying it to.
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maritalbliss at 8:32AM, May 27, 2007
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For years I was 29. I can finally admit, I'm 31 (32 in August.) Men get distinguished, women get old…Such is the way of the world…But, we are lookin' younger and younger…I get carded EVERYWHERE, due to my heighth (4'11) I think it belies my age…'Cause if you looked at my face, I have laugh lines around my mouth…It helps that we don't have kids so my body is still pre-baby. But, I can't take a fall like I used to. (Two weeks ago, I fell off a horse and I am still feeling it, a few years ago, it wouldn't have phased me…)

I agree with Due East, it's totally just a state of mind. The older I get the younger old is.
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Whirlwynd at 12:24PM, May 27, 2007
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My grandpa was telling us about the new mayor of his town. He said it was strange because the town is so set in its ways and the people usually don't elect the young progressive candidates. He kept emphasizing how young the guy was. Turns out the mayor was in his 50's -

The people I'm surrounded with make it hard for me to feel old - I'm going to be 25 next month. When people at the can plant I work at find out how old I am, they say I'm “just a baby.” o_0 It seems like a strange thing to say, but half the people have been working there since before I was born.
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Phantom Penguin at 5:04PM, May 27, 2007
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Theres a 29 year old I hang out with, we all call him the resident old dude. Because the rest of us are 18-23. But its all in joking.

And I think your offically old when you smell old.
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ozoneocean at 5:14PM, May 27, 2007
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Peter Melvin
I'm 27.
I'm 27 I'm not old!
Shut-up old dude! Us young hep-cats are tryin' ta git jiggy wit it!
Sersly man, you're sullying ma groove wit yur old dude vibes… How kin I dance the Charleston or the Black bottom stomp with ma honey when you old foggies are stink'n up the place?

Jeez leweez dadyo!
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that kid yellow at 5:26PM, May 27, 2007
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im 21 and i one of my buddies are your not old at all. hell i have some younger friends who say im old too.Darn kids
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Eunice P at 12:36AM, May 28, 2007
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I'm 28. But a lot of people says I look like a college/Uni student. There are some who are 8 to 10 years younger than me look more mature than me. Some of my friends say I have a face that looks like a kid. =_=;
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Vagabond at 1:09AM, May 28, 2007
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I think “feeling old” really depends who you're hanging out with.

So just start hanging around nursing homes. Go on, enjoy feeling like you're being bathed in the Fountain of Youth while everyone else is sponge-bathed in between pill times.
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josif at 1:58AM, May 28, 2007
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You stop being a baby when you become 3.

You stop being young when you become 30.

and you become old when you hit 50.

Well according to me anyway…
Your Reading Skills Have Increased By Two Points.
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mattvoid at 3:52PM, May 28, 2007
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Somehow, I felt older in high school then I do now at the Thirty yard line of age. Then agian, I hang out with a VERY mixed crowd age wise, from as young as high shcool to people in thier fourties. Never really saw as much age distinction as other people did i guess. Unless I tell them, most peple think i am in college.
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Maxw3ll at 4:52PM, May 28, 2007
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and you become old when you hit 50.

Yeah, I think you start getting old at 50, but adults always disagree with me.
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