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One more thing before I submit my book
meemjar at 7:11AM, Feb. 14, 2009
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When I submit my book and it is not to my satisfaction (i.e. The page is too small, too grainy etc.) can I have you delete it to retool it to try again?

The pixal size for example: It is to be 900x800.
But can I dare to have it a little larger: 1000x900 for example?
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skoolmunkee at 9:47AM, Feb. 14, 2009
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You can delete your own pages. You can also re-upload a page without having to delete it first. :]

You can make your page any size you like, but most readers are going to get annoyed if it is as large as 900x1000 (or even 800x900). Most people still use an 1024x768 monitor and that means they are going to have to scroll all over the place to read your page.

why don't you create a test account (which you can delete yourself later) and try out some of these things you're interested in? Just don't create it with the same name as you would give your real comic account.
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