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paralympian forced? to crawl to plane...
seventy2 at 7:15PM, Nov. 25, 2009
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Full story here

Hmmm…i'm not sure if the airline should apologize. he himself said that he didn't want it, and took the option to crawl thru an airport. at the same time, he didn't ask for an apology…he just got one.

I think this was a matter of pride more than forcing someone to take the option.

I mean, i'm no good at math, but i'm not going to fail a college class, because i refuse to look dumb and not ask for help.

(i'm really horrible at anything above high school level algebra)
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lba at 8:22PM, Nov. 25, 2009
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I'd have to agree that it sounds like it's more about pride than much else. Maybe proving a point that the airline's wheelchairs need to be self-mobile or something, but I'm willing to bet the reason they have to push you around in their wheelchair is liability. That's the way it works at a hospital. Even if you are capable of walking, they have to wheel you out for liability reasons.

Call me a dick for saying it if you want, but at least from that article and what I know on how those sorts of things usually work, it sounds like he made a big deal out of nothing.
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