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PDF conversion
Kristen Gudsnuk at 10:44AM, Aug. 29, 2007
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I need to convert some pages of my comic into PDF format in order to print it up with a website called but, uhh, I DON'T KNOW HOWW!! I've found some sites, but I don't know which one to use, or how to use them… does anyone have any advice & instruction? there's a free trial with adobe pdf converter, but I don't know if I should use that or not.
and, making something into a pdf entails that it will be multiple pages in one document, yes? sooo… how would I go about doing this?
^_^;; gee I wish I took some sort of computer class now… anyway, any help would be greatly appreciated!!
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skoolmunkee at 11:57AM, Aug. 29, 2007
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Hm… In my experience you have to have Acrobat (not just the Acrobat reader) to do multi-page things with images. PDF documents come from a fake printer driver (so it shows up as a choice on your dropdown when you print) and I'm not sure how you could put multiple images together like that into one document without fiddling about in word or something, which would change the look of the pages.
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OutofLine at 1:07PM, Aug. 29, 2007
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I know that OpenOffice has an Export to PDF option in its word processor, you could just copy and paste your comic pages into it and export into PDF.

I haven't actually tried it yet, so I'm not sure if it'll work OK, but it could help. :dizzy:
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rainingbells at 8:00AM, Aug. 31, 2007
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I looked for a good freeware PDF program but most of them were crippled in one way or another so I just ended up using Acrobat Professional 7 by way of work.

You can select all and drag and drop your print rez tif files into Acrobat and it will make one PDF out of them. You may have to order them once they're in the PDF file, but you can just drag the individual pages around under the pages tab to the left of the screen.

Then you select all, go into the “Document” drop down and click on “Crop Pages” and it will give you the ability to set your boxes for crop, trim, bleed, and art. Comixpress should have the info in their FAQ that tells you what numbers to use for setting those.

The other option is to just send comixpress the original art files and let them put it together for you.
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Kristen Gudsnuk at 12:01PM, Sept. 4, 2007
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heyy! I asked my digital art professor today (first day of class!! :3!!) and apparently you can do it in photoshop!!
so in case anyone else wants to do that, you go to like, File>Automate>PDF presentation.

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JillyFoo at 7:11PM, Sept. 6, 2007
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I made a tutorial about that:
Adobe Acrobat Professional does it and you can download a free trial version. I have yet to figure out how to do it in photoshop. 200+ pages conversion in photoshop=dead computer.
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SteveMyers22 at 1:36AM, Sept. 7, 2007
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I do mine in illustrator, because I find illustrator's pdf settings a lot more output friendly than photoshop's.

But yeah, you can turn a file in photoshop, illustrator or in-design into a .pdf right there in the program.

It's kind of one of the main things I do for a living right now at my night job.

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BlastAsteroid at 3:29PM, Sept. 8, 2007
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Yeah, if you are in school and have access to Adobe CS you are good to go right there. Import your hires images into InDesign and export as PDF. I personally feel InDesign handles it way easier than any of the other CS programs because you set up your book how you want it then export it. 8, 16 - 280 pages, whatever - no worries. Keep in mind to use 300+dpi pics and export it as a press ready PDF. You may need to break the files into “X” amount of pages for ease of upload times.

It's what I do all day long, Print and Graphic Design that is and it's what presses and printers expect.
Shawn: \m/ RAWK * !

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