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Peeking over from deviantART ;)
GashuMonsata at 7:36PM, Jan. 9, 2011
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Why hello there! :D

I am Gashu-Monsata from deviantART, and now from here :P I signed up ages ago, but I'm only just making use of this account now. People from deviantART may recongize me as the Flash Gallery Moderator ;)

I'm 19 years old, and for as long as I can remember, I have LOVED art and character creation. It would be fantastic to meet likeminded individuals here, and make new friends!

Hope to hear from you guys soon!

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ayesinback at 4:18PM, Jan. 11, 2011
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Hi GashuMonsata,

Deviant Art - lotsa DD. 19 - lotsa DD. Love art and creation - mucha DD. I'm reading the cards and they look very positive. Welcome! and have fun.
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