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Penciller Needed for European-Style Graphic Novel
ComicsWEHO at 9:12AM, Feb. 21, 2011
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Looking for a penciller with highly realistic Franco-Belgian style to illustrate a B&W graphic novel. The story is a swashbuckling adventure set in Renaissance Florence.

Initial work is for a pitch only, 6 pages of sequential art, cover, and models.

No pay up front until a publishing deal is set up.

As writer is represented by well-known agent, this is a great chance for newcomer to get repped and seen.

Please send links to your artwork to:
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segludian at 4:13PM, Feb. 21, 2011
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You may want to update your pitch, it sounds exactly the same as what a teenage fan boy with an idea, but no job would post. If you have previously published works listing or better yet linking to them would help. A snippet of the script or at least a sample of your writing would help too (it doesn't have to be terribly long just a paragraph or two). You should also probably clarify who is doing the inking and the lettering. Is the penciler doing that too? You will want to see a portfolio or sample of each candidate artist's work too right? Add that in to your pitch as well.

As long as the work is for commercial use, you should reconsider up front payment. The following website can explain it better than I can Basically, if you aren't paying then you will be lucky to get finished amateur level work, especially for anything described as highly realistic. A work for hire contract might help legally too. It would help spell out who owns what. Otherwise, you may own the character, but the artist might own their design, and so forth.

Finally, a website with useful information would sure be nice. Judging from the domain name, I would guess you are three people in West Hollywood California. The website is basically your business card, make it useful.
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