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Perfect Guide to Making a Perfect Sprite Comic
JekHazit at 12:23PM, Aug. 23, 2008
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Now, I am making this because there are issues with so many Sprite comics that make it ugly and unwanted. Mainly those Random comics that don't get off the ground. Not many people actually enjoy random comics. The only people I can think of that loves random comics are… well… 10 year olds.Not many people that young visit the site. Yes, there are people very young here, but not too many. Most of us are at least 13, and we don't want a comic were yu-gi-oh pops up and yells “monkey stomaches!”
So, this is a guide to making a comic that will get a lot more comics that the sprite comic you may have.

Lesson 1: Storyline
Storyline is a small issue with some comics. You need to know whats happening. So, when in one comic, your in one place the first panel, you cant just be in another the next. You must have an excuse build into the story, like a portal. Don't be afraid of having many panels. Its fine to show a portal for 3 or 4 panels. It only takes most people a couple of seconds.I recommend actually writing a story and try and fit detail into those comics, or just steal a story from a game and edit it to your perspective(a parody comic).

Lesson 2: Multiple characters
Alright, so say in your comic, you want characters from three different games to join together into one comic. Its not like people care much of where they are from, but you should show that they came from somewhere. If they were all from the same place, show they are from the same place.
Also, when introducing the characters, don't introduce them by having them say just a random line. He has to have a reason to be there. He shouldn't be in another game realm just cause he feels like it. He must be there for a reason. Whether it be Bowser dragged him into this realm or link needs to save mario from metorid prime. Either way, they must be there for a reason.

Lesson 3: The spriting
The spriting itself doesn't matter too much. If you have a good story and funny jokes, it should be good enough. But when it comes to advertising, at first look, people might not wanna look at something that looks like it was made by a fish. A good thing is, I know some things that people do that turns their comic ugly…
First of all, zooming. We shouldnt have to see a close up of a sprite. big boxes arent ugly, but big flat black and red boxes are ugly. What would you rather look at?

Also, I hate all of the random lines to express something, like a charizard breathing fire.

Just copy the flame from the tail and use that! It looks better!

And dont get lazy. To have a great sprite comic takes work. Take time on your spriting and dont rush!

Lesson 4: Effects
This is kindof more advanced, but, for exciting sprite comics, its needed slightly.
Now, for a movie or something, to make something move fast, you need blur. Blur is not for sprite comics. Sprite comics need the pixel feeling all the time. Or else the comic gets uneven. I recomend transparency, or small lines. Make the lines straight, or an even curve. Either way, all the lines should almost be the same.

Lesson 5: Advertisement
This should be easy. Dont invest your money into advertising on popup ads and junk. Those are expensive and nobody cares about them. Put your money in your pocket and go to some forums. Just keep posting in multiple forums, communities, journals, signatures, etc. no guarantee you will get internet famous, but you will get some views.

Thats all I need to say. Hope you like my little guide on sprite comics.
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JekHazit at 11:39PM, Aug. 23, 2008
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Not a single reply?
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Tashna at 4:42AM, Aug. 24, 2008
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Hmm, I'd add making your own elements. When you know how to make your own stuff, you have control over your backgrounds, poses of your characters, detail, and all that stuff. I know it's a royal pain in the rear to make pixel art, I've done it myself so I know. People can do great things with pixels though, just look at these examples:

It's lovely to see youfall off the stairs, breaking your skull in two.
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Pineapple at 4:45AM, Aug. 24, 2008
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I'll reply!

I think that waht you did was really good. A lot of sprite comics I've read has a Pikachu having a battle with Sonic for no real reason. A couple of things I would like to add:

Don't overcrowed the panels, lots of sprites make the characters hard to see. Also, make sure the text is easy to read, speech bubbles help.

Although I agree with what you said, we both know that the people who need to read it won't.
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JekHazit at 2:16PM, Aug. 24, 2008
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Sometimes I have to make custom sprites, or edits. The crack on comic 19 of the shitheads i had to make.
Also, spriters resources pokemon dungeon sprites sometimes end up with an all black background, and once the background is gone, so is the outline of the sprite.
Thanks for the tips. this is mainly to sortof help people get better. Your helping me help others. Thanks.
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JekHazit at 1:04PM, Aug. 29, 2008
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Skullbie at 3:34PM, Aug. 29, 2008
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This isn't gaia, also you should post this on sprite forums and the DD tutorial place instead if you want praise. Most people in the tips&tricks aren't spriters i've found ^^
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Puff_Of_Smoke at 3:02PM, Aug. 30, 2008
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First step should be ‘Don’t make one.'

Thought that was obvious.

On a serious note though, make your own sprites. If you don't know how, start with stick figures. Practise until you have the hang of your program. Proceed in following the rest of the guide.

Another thing. Don't PhotoShop-Effect-spam your comic. As the kids say, IT LOOKS BLOODY RETARDED.
I have a gun. It's really powerful. Especially against living things.
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