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Perspective help?
Rainwolf95 at 6:29PM, Aug. 16, 2009
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Perspective is where I fail, could anyone give me some tips on how to do it?

(By this I mean that I can't do different ‘camera’ angles, I can't draw a scene from an above angle or a below angle without it looking like crap.)
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Hunchdebunch at 2:26AM, Aug. 17, 2009
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I'm not too good at perspective either, but you could look for tutorials, I've seen some around. If you search on google ‘How to draw perspective’ you might find something that helps :)

Or you could get a photo to copy. You could get family or friends to pose for you, and you could take the photo from below (crouch or something) or if you want it from above you could stand on a chair. (I've done this before lol and it did actually help quite a lot)
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Aghammer at 6:03AM, Aug. 17, 2009
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Drawspace has some free perspective lessons that seem pretty good.

Comic perspective from Scott McDaniel
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Ryuthehedgewolf at 8:54AM, Aug. 17, 2009
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I'm just now starting to take perspective seriously.

One-point is definitely the easiest. One thing that's really important though is to consider the “eye-level” of the scene. So, if you were looking at…I don't know…a city. The eye level would probably be about mid, or towards the top of the landscape. Because cities, usually, are quite large.

There's a ton more. But just practice.
Also, there's this which has a section on perspective.

It's great.
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