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magickmaker at 4:54PM, Feb. 20, 2006
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I color my comics in photoshop (I think 6 or 7), but everybody thinks I do them in MS Paint because I'm not that great with photoshop. Can anyone guide me to either a competent tutorial or just give me some direct advice?
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mechanical_lullaby at 5:02PM, Feb. 20, 2006
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everytime i use photoshop and start to color I usually use the dropshadowing tool. It's harder to color and so the colors leave the lines but that's the only way I could figure it.

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remag at 5:03PM, Feb. 20, 2006
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put your linework on a seperate layer then color under them so you dont go over the lines
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Picselly at 7:51PM, Feb. 20, 2006
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Yea, like Remag said, stick your lineart onto a different layer. If you don't know how to do that in Photoshop, here's some ways.

1) Just duplicate the layer and set it to Multiply. I don't do this though because… well, it looks slightly different than through the second way (below).

2) Now here's what I do. I go to the channels palette and select the dotted circle at the bottom. Then I inverse the selection (er, I can't remember which menu it's in… I kinda just memorized where the menu is, rather than what it is… >>;;) and make a new layer. I go to Edit>Fill and pick black. Then you got a nice little lineart layer. ^^

I usually colour things on separate layers… Like the hair is on its own, and so are the clothes. Make sure you have these underneath your lineart layer! As for colouring, that's something that you learn with practice.

I hope that helped out even a little. ><
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mykill at 8:17PM, Feb. 20, 2006
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If your photoshop works looks like MSpaint, you lilely don'y know the program well at all. If I mention the line art layer should be set to ‘darken’ or ‘multiply’ - do you know what the hell I'm talking about?

that's a link to get basic lessons in photoshop emailed to you.
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LostPriestess at 10:21AM, Feb. 21, 2006
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Might I recomend the book “photoshop for dummies” (not trying to imply anything, it's just a good book) Or another book like it. One that actual;y teaches you to uses the program, and not just color by following a route someone else has set down for coloring.
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kyupol at 5:34PM, Feb. 21, 2006
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scan it in a larger resolution (300 dpi) and then shrink it down to a smaller resolution (72 dpi). Make sure that your file settings are in RGB.

As for coloring, I personally dont like the separate-layer technique because it is too time-consuming. Use paintbucket, airbrush, and burn+dodge to make it faster.
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