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Pirates 3 (ALMOST HAD A RAPE SCENE!!!!!)
PhatScurl at 10:24AM, June 6, 2007
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Okay, saw the movie last weekend and overall it wasn't bad. I'm honestly considering buying another ticket to watch it again because i really got lost with all the bestrayals and such (yea that little circle got annoying after awhile).

My only real problem with the movie was…
at the very end with the huge battle. So Will becomes captain of the Flying Dutchman and Jack has his ship back and they blow the HELL out of that one guys ship. Freaking awesome, right? So i'm sitting on the edge of my seat waiting to see this huge epic battle of all the Pirates charging in to destroy the Navy of at least 100 ships, all Lord of the Rings style. What do i get? Well, it wasn't an epic battle, no it was a freaking ending! Hello, Mr.Sparrow, Mr. Turner good job destroying that one navy ship. Obviously when the 100 ship Navy see's that you destroyed the one measley ship they will cower and run away, allowing Pirates to roam free for eternity….

that one part made me hate the movie
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