PIT_FACE interviews Mutation, of Legend of Setar!
skoolmunkee at 3:32AM, Feb. 10, 2009
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Today's interview is brought to us by the beautifully named PIT_FACE, who has asked questions of the also-colorful-imagery-named Mutation!

Judging from the style of your comics and the kinds of comics you've favorited, it's not hard to see you're an anime/manga fan, what made you take to this particular art form?
Well, I think it was mostly the cartoons and anime I liked as a kid that made me lean towards anime/manga. You see, I watched DBZ, Sailor Moon and Reboot mostly, and when I could catch it Swat Kats. Which were all about be cool hero people and beat up the villain of the moment. Then I started learning little side stories about those, then I wanted to dig deeper, and found out all the details in the background of them. So I think it's that I trust anime to have more complicated stories. n.n Which I just love!

What tones shine through your comic the most? is there any particular reason for it?
I would love to say action/horror, but I don't have too much action and it's not that good yet. The horror is only a little bit. So, I hope I'm right by saying mystery, though. Since you'll have to find out which of my characters to trust. Oops, I said to much. Teehee!

Have there been any particular scenes in Legend of Setar you've loved creating? Any you didn't like as much?
Personally, I loved making Gin scream like a little girl once, but drawing him has been a pain! Mostly because I was a little worse at child proportions, but the introduction of Geld and Veitz (The son) is going wonderfully!

As for ones I hate, I did enjoy the fight with Katrina but…

That… forest… over and over, and over! Also that page where you first seen Ragus city. Sooo… crappy. Poor excuse for a page!

What made you want to make the race in Setar all cat people instead of say, any other kind of anthromorphic race or even just human?
Well, I started out the story when I was 5 or so… In a fit of child logic I determined that all kids needed to have a superhero counterpart. So I, in my crazy little mind, ran around saving our pet cats from the evil shadowy figure!
Eventually, I needed a sidekick, and Zara was born, albeit less catlike. Then it just changed into cat people, considering those felines have been my favorite animal, and partially what started it all from the get go, cat people it is!

Who has been your favorite character to create? What inspired you to create them?
Malachite, Veitz, or Gin.

Malachite it took forever to figure out her name! But I loved her crazy personality. Then while playing an online game, I found my first gem, the cheapest one in the whole game. Also, it had a cool name. So, Malachite!

Years later I found out Malachite was a GREEN gem. Oh well, suits her more now! n.n
Veitz and Gin are spoilers to talk about how they came about, plus I've already said alot. So no info. n.n

What would you do if you saw them walking down the street?
Befriend them instantly. Something like, run up to them asking where some place is, and watch as they don't know. Ask them if they're lost, then show them around and in the process become friends. Especially if it's Malachite.

Is there anything else about Legend of Setar you'd like to point out? Maybe something juicy for your loyal readers or something that might get the attention of some newbies?
Here is something to wrap your mind around. A poem shows up, and it's spoken between two people, and I'll just tell you what it is, but not who say it.

"You'll never die.
We'll meet and meet again.
Until the day I kill you."

Also, keep an eye out for reoccurring symbols. n.~

Say a magical genie would show up and say you can have anything happen with your comic such as making you a lot of money, attracting a lot of readers, getting a tv show, saving endangered species , ANYTHING, what would you wish for?
I'm torn… a Video Game or an Anime?

I think I'd go for Video Game, because if I wish for it, I'm probably going to get choice in how it plays, how long it is, what the cut scenes are like, what console it's for etc.

And If I'm the sole creator, any companies that wanted to make an anime adaption would have to ask me, and I could force unto the contract that all episodes and DVDs have to be approved by me.

In your profile you say you're a “self proclaimed 'young crazy cat lady”. Do you mean like the crazy cat lady from “The Simpsons” who throws her cats at everyone? or does it have something to do with your personallity? how did it come about?
XD No-no, I'm nice to my cats, but I have lived my life around tons of cats. It's also in my family line. See, my Grandma and my Dad have both grown catnip (100% natural, no pesticides etc.) and sold it in bags and toys. Shameless Plug!

Also, when I don't know what to say I meow.

You also say your life motto is “Love is love, happiness is happiness, follow your whims and dreams”. How do you apply that phrase to your life and where did you first hear it?

I try to have as much fun as possible, and I will not tie my self down to a boring or depressing job! I also have the most fun when I do stuff spontaneously. n.n

Also, I made it up. XP I think it might resemble some other phrase somewhere, but I like mottos you make up. n.n

Is there anything else you like to do with your art besides comics? Or are there any other comics you'd like to create if Legend of Setar ever finishes?
I've always wanted to do more 3D art and animation, to say, do the graphics in video games. As for comics aside from Setar, I've got two others for sure that I really want to do. I won't say any spoilers if I can help it. But you remember those things I hinted about in Setar? Don't forget them. n.n

Also, more human people in the future. n.n

Now tell us anything you'd like about yourself, Ivy! Who you are, what your day-to-day life is like and if there's anything that may be unique about you in about…eh….let's say 6-8 sentences. GO!
My favorite color is Green! My favorite food is mint flavored coffee or lime sodas! My favorite weapon-type is a great sword! My favorite video game is Phantasy Star Online! (Most know this by now…) Our real cats names have been Yukon, Medusa, Blue, Gyper, Pooky, Solo, Fire Ninja, and Katrina! My favorite type of music is really fast Techno! And… um…


Thank you and the best of luck to ya.
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houseofmuses at 7:05AM, Feb. 12, 2009
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I took a good look at Legend of Setar, and I have to say this series is drawn in excellent Manga style. When you take a look at beautiful ephemeral sketches like this one even those who haven't really been exposed to Manga much can get an appreciation for the style.
I've always been more particular to the classic Manga styles like Lone Wolf and Cub by writer Kazuo Koike and the artist Goseki Kojima, and Reign of Adeodatus by our own bittertea (Ash Witter) seems to have a modernized sleek version of that style.
I don't know how old Mutation is, but they have huge potential, and I want to see how this art style develops. I'll continue to follow the series and see how it goes from here!!!
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Kali at 9:50AM, Feb. 12, 2009
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I sympathise with the repeated forest drawing. Also I didnt realise that growing catnip would be that profitable.

Fenrir says Grrrrrr!
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Mutation at 11:07PM, Feb. 12, 2009
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It's not so profitable that it replaces daytime jobs… sadly.

KALA-Dan! Reverse Trap!
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