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Please comic page is not centered in the middle
Plague Doctor at 3:04PM, July 21, 2010
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Ok,so I posted a new page(Page 2),but it was too big.So I deleted it and than resized the image in GIMP and then posted it again.
But now this new page,instead in the middle,is on the right side of the screen.
But when I go to Page 1(which is normal) and then go back to Page 2,the Page 2 is centered in the middle like it should be 0_o

I am really confused…please help anyone…

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skoolmunkee at 1:15AM, July 22, 2010
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Your comic looks good. :]

I checked the pages out, but they all seem to be loading in the centre no matter which order I visit the pages. Does it still show up as wrong for you, or did it fix itself, or was there something you tried that worked?
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Plague Doctor at 9:47AM, July 22, 2010
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joined: 6-29-2010
Thank you for the reply,power was out the wholl day so I couldn´t log on to reply back(thank you for the compliment ^^).

Yes,I fixed it,accutally I had to delete it and post it AGAIN,but this time I only had a short author comment.
Perhaps,because my comment was a bit long(had to explain myself for the late update) the comic page couldn´t load properly.But it wasn´t that long,like 3 sentences or so.
BTW I´ve noticed some comics who also had problems with this(well,it didn´t seem intentional) and I think I saw a thread about this
Probably a DD bug
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