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Pokemon writer dies.
Aurora Moon at 4:53PM, Oct. 29, 2010
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I'm on hitatus while I redo one of my webcomics. Be sure to check it out when I'n done! :)
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Skullbie at 5:24PM, Oct. 29, 2010
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Of the anime? I haven't watched it since the second season but that's sad to hear. Maybe they'll get rid of Ash now…
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same at 6:22PM, Oct. 29, 2010
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BANG!! Right in the childhood.

Although seriously. This man wrote my Saturday mornings. Even though I didnt actually know who he was until now I will morn his passing by watching season 1.
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I Am The 1337 Master at 5:31AM, Oct. 30, 2010
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ozoneocean at 9:31AM, Oct. 30, 2010
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I used to watch Pokemon every morning before uni.
But it started to get really lame with all those stupid new ones in the later series, especially all those crazy plant types. @_@

Wow, brain haemorrhage. Ow!
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lefarce at 9:01AM, Nov. 4, 2010
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