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Possible bug
mikeytheblackmantis at 4:45PM, Nov. 22, 2007
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Ok, this may be related to the bugs. So mt comic image in the actual webcomic page is huge, as if 10 times the regular opicture, but in the edit option it is the right size, about 700x600. But heres the odd thing, I was using mozilla firefox when this kept happening, but when i use internet explorer the image turns out fine. Also in mozilla i cannot see the rating i give to other people's comics.
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bongotezz at 5:07PM, Nov. 22, 2007
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drunk duck has numerous problems with non-internet explorer browsers.
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Locoma at 7:37AM, Dec. 2, 2007
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uhm… I'm using firefox and I see it fine. Maybe you have an old firefox version? Next time something goes wrong with firefox check if you have installed a new addon and try un-installing it
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