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Possibly, looking for a potential artist for chance at working on a comic
Tannaman at 8:49PM, Dec. 4, 2008
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yeah, I know, there's a title that grabs for the short-n-sassy's and drags you for an up-tempo adventure but this is really my first serious delving into for looking for an artist for a project that may never actually get off the ground.

I was thinking of trying my had at webcomicry with a few ideas that have been bandying about in my noggin for quite some time, each hoping to be flung into the waiting arms of an artist like so many fatkids trying to bodysurf at a rock-and-or-roll concert. In no particular order:

1) Ripple (a multi-dimention comic)
meet Teo Maxwell, young up and comming gent about town who discovers the ability to see how what he does immediately effects the people around him. (Sort of like a choose your own adventure, but each are happening to him simultaniously. IE he's watching someone walk along the street and sees them get mugged, hit by a car, buy a cup of coffee, adopt a stray pet.) however, his Significant other becomes lost and he has to search these ripples (or fractures) of other worlds to try to find him/her.

Genre / style: Modern Fantasy / Serious buisness
Format: width wise non-interacting pannels.
|World 1|
|World 2|
|World 3|
|World 4|

2) So you've adopted a demon
a student is offered by an annonymous email the chance to adopt a demon in order to help solve their problems. with much shenanigans and soul sucking to be had by all.
Genre / Style: Mod Fan / BitterSweet
Format: Comic page?

More to come when I'm not so tired. XD

Questions and comments wanted.
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