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Post Your Convention Pictures Thread!
carly_mizzou at 1:03PM, July 18, 2007
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Hey All! Everyone's going to conventions, but no one's posting pictures! We can't have that now can we? (no of course not) here it is peoples the *official* convention pictures thread, so get to it!
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ray104 at 4:58PM, July 18, 2007
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hi my name is Raymond Leonard and i will be promoting my book called GUYTRON
AT WW CHICAGO and i can't wait to meet the drunkduck members and have fun, so IF YOU HAPPIN TO BE going to ww chicago stop by drunkduck alley and pick up a copy of Guytron
can't wait to see there
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carly_mizzou at 10:49AM, July 30, 2007
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You people make me wanna cry… big soggy sad sad tears.
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junoblairb at 12:49PM, July 30, 2007
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Oh yes. Pics include shots of me and Xero.

And that's just the Thursday line… and it was a low year. Imagine it.

Our Harry Potter “spoiler” signs that Xero started with on Friday before the book was out became the talk of the con.

LadyChris came by the booth and we sketched on her jacket!

Chatting with Mookie and Ananth on Saturday before close.

Wee! I wish I had more but my picture taker had his plate full with writing receipts and keeping track of the insane traffic of the per usual otakon alley. I'll hopefully have lots more pictures from our DD Chicago extravaganza!

How's that Carly? Feel better? XD
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carly_mizzou at 10:18AM, July 31, 2007
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YAY yes I do! Thank you, and believe me there will be TONS of pics and drawing fun the weekend after next. The week before Wizard World ‘cause we’re shipping out all the stuff and getting ready to leave. OH BOY I haven't been to a convention in Rosemont in like 3 years.
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mapaghimagsik at 8:25PM, Aug. 1, 2007
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ROFL! Great Pictures!
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gaijin at 5:31AM, Aug. 21, 2007
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well i have a few pictures from SDCC 2006. Mainly cosplay that me and a few friends did. :) Me and Gf took the trolley from el cajon to downtown san diego sense the station was about a mile from our apartment and the trolley dropped off right in front of the convention center :D!

Me and Gf did Ryu and Sakura. Udon actually saw us and took a bunch of pictures and gave us free posters :D

On a more serrious note, we also did some more military themed cosplay

Reg, the guy in the middle, his shotgun is signed by more famous people than I can remember. At least 20, including the cast of Red vs. Blue, the creator of futurama and the guy who used to host “cheat” on G4 back in the day.

Other friend, Thomas, did a video game character, i think from Ghost Recon, but I dont remmember for sure.

This is the only picture I can find of the other things we cosplayed. My gf did a gothic lolita dress and I did the ranger af2 from final fantasy 11

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Rydel6 at 2:57PM, Sept. 5, 2007
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Just wondering…

What do they do with people entering with “guns”?
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madscott at 7:22AM, Sept. 12, 2007
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Look it's Madscott NickNitro and KC Green (he's the one in the brown hoodie)

you can see more at

Still one of my favorites Stan Sakai stopped by the booth and had his picture taked with a very young version of supergirl.
Please Read MadScott
And Please Visit
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Fenn at 3:12AM, Sept. 30, 2007
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Here's a look at how crowded San Diego Comic Con was this year. This was taken from about the center of the main hall.

This is me with Rosario Dawson. She was there promoting the trade of her comic book OCT. A total sweetheart and very nice to everyone. She's making a funny face because my friend taking the picture was making her laugh.

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The Pie Ninja at 10:53AM, July 15, 2008
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I usually take a lot of pictures at cons. Heres a couple.

The group I was with at Northern Anime Festival 2008 taking a final group picture before leaving. Some of us (including myself) changed out of costume after the final hosting session, so we were in normal cloths for this.

A cake I baked and decorated for the Ouran Host Club hosting session. One of the many bake goods served. (Northern Anime Festival 2008)

Mine and my friend's Dolfie. Mines the red head boy, Lysander. The blond girl is named Arine. (Anime North 2008)

My friend and his mighty Mario sword! (Anime North 2007)

Ouran cosplayers who were all in the masqurade at Anime North 2007. My cosplay partner and I are dressed in the pink and purple outfits. Wig for my costume had already been taken off at this point, wigs are annoying, so just using my natural hair. (I'm in the pink dress)
Because two can keep a secret if one of them is dead.
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Fenn at 7:44PM, July 27, 2008
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Saw this guy dressed as Hellboy at the 08 Comic Con. Later, at the Mythbusters panel the next day, I found out that it was actually Adam Savage in disguise so he could cruise the Con without anyone knowing he was there. How weird is that?

I stuck one of my magnet buttons on the ABC news van.

And I met Wil Wheaton.
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Wills42 at 6:26AM, Aug. 6, 2008
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I'll have some pics up next month from Baltimore Comic Con. And then in October I'll have some from Small Press Expo. Yay me!
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hcnoel at 11:12PM, Aug. 25, 2008
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Saw this guy dressed as Hellboy at the 08 Comic Con. Later, at the Mythbusters panel the next day, I found out that it was actually Adam Savage in disguise so he could cruise the Con without anyone knowing he was there. How weird is that?

That Hellboy is the most frightening thing I've ever seen!
My graphic novel Mr. Scootles will be in September Previews 2008! Order a copy!

My new comic Vincent!
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Wills42 at 1:23PM, Oct. 29, 2008
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Okay, so it's been a month later than when I said I would post pictures, but that's because I've been busy. So here ya go!
A picture of the line that was formed because NO ONE BOUGHT TICKETS ONLINE! I didn't either… And so…
I spent about an hour waiting in line. This is the same line, but inside. I wasn't even close…
Ignore the Jayne Cobb (Firefly) hat. Just look at the Mexican Doughnut. From the movie Sexdrive.
A great view of Mike Mignola's noggin. He's the creator of Hellboy.
Erik Powell. Creator of The Goon, one of my favorite comics.
DEADPOOL! The merc with a mouth! And the greatest comic character ever!
Dave Kellet and Kris Straub, of Sheldon and Starslip Crisis fame. I… I photoshopped this picture a bit. You see, my eyes were closed… I'm sorry…
And it's DrunkDuck's own, Carley_mizou, from creepy Carley! Glad I made your day!
The family that dresses up together, probably has issues, together.
J.G. Jones, from things such as Final Crisis, Marvel Boy, and others. I waited 30 minutes in line for him to get back from lunch (Which took about 3 hours. What was he, a Sarlac from star wars or something?)
The author of ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid’ HUGE FRAKKIN LINE FOR THIS GUY! Mostly parents with their kids. Geeze. (I tried to get this Con exclusive book, but the guys selling it were out. Some lady in line gave me one, for free… I love people now)
Jim Lee, comic artist. Didn't get any of my stuff signed by him. Line was huge. Just managed to snap this pic. Battery was Running low.

So yeah, that's it. I got only one pic from SPX, and it's of Bryan Lee O'Maley, from Scott Pilgrim.

So, until next year!
(Oh, and if anyone reading this was wearing a green lantern outfit… Please, don't use anything skin tight, please? Think of the children, and my psyche…)
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johnkeating at 10:04AM, Dec. 14, 2008
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These pics are all great. I have some from Wizard World Texas so I figured I'd post them here:

Manning the booth:

My girlfriend Amber played “booth babe” for me :)

My marketing team at work!

The Hulk at the Heroes for Heroes booth:

Being interviewed by Scott Hinze from Fanboy Radio:

If your Joker costume doesn't include a nurse's uniform, you're not trying:
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ipokino at 8:56AM, Feb. 8, 2009
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Wow! There are some great pics here. Anyway, I thought I'd toss in some from the NYCComicCon, 2009! It was great fun and horribly crowded! I did buy tickets in advance online, so my time waiting in lines was pretty short, and I was in the door before the crowds got too crazy!

This is my daughter London who attended with me at the subway station! She was great to have along for the ride down from Vermont and back up from NYC…but she was a serious pain at the Con! Her phone battery isn't holding a charge, but does she tell me that? Noooo, not until we are already halfway to NYC. At the Con she promptly disappears. Her phone won't take calls in…she doesn't borrow a phone to call me, and she misses every single agreed upon meeting up plan (I once missed her by seconds as I was a level up and hand no way down)…nightmare…. Apparently she was busy getting ‘important autographs’ on her comics and manga stuff and the autographing schedules just didn't coincide with our planned meeting times…go figure…

Here I am, for all you adoring ladies out there who find me irresistably compelling (gasp * choke* coff!) right in the entry. I am wearing my Robot Wars tee-shirt as a sop to free publicity.

What's a comic convention without a storm trooper or two to keep everyone in line! This young fellow was caught by our very own, whip cracking Comic Creator Dumok (MonsterLover) trying to cut in line! Naturally he was executed…the que-cutter, not Dumok!

Once inside, I went hunting for all my friends from Drunk Duck who were attending and selling their comics at the Convention. Here is the creative and marketing team from “Sophia Awakening” who have a very professionally kitted out Comicbook at a very reasonable price. I am going to order one myself as I was too distracted to realize, “duh, you could have bought it right there–and got it signed to boot” dumbness.

Keith McCleary, who does “Top of the Heap” wasn't around when I was, but I got his booth and partner in comics who was handling sales. He was very happy to see a fellow Ducker showing support.

And lastly, here is a shot of Regine Sawyer of LockItDown Publications who is a terrific little lady and has great baked goods to go with her very beautiful comics! I did buy one of her comics and look forward to more!

Sadly, I didn't get to touch base with SplashPage who does “Brian and Bobby”, or Trevor Mueller–who I was looking forward to meeting, but such is life. I did have a great time, and enjoyed meeting IRL people from DD who I share cyberspace with!

It was great fun despite the unbelievable crowds. The cosplaying girls were incredible (down boy…) despite the fact that it was very much winter outside! and I was amazed at the sheer creative variety of work available. In one sense I found it a bit daunting. How can one little comicbook like mine cut a niche in the huge world of gaudy, flashy comics. “Robot Wars” is pretty small fry as these things go, but I wore my tee-shirt proudly. I guess you gotta have something to believe in, right? Well, I got some valuable tips and help, and I'm getting new ideas in the marketing end of things and I am now thinking of more!!!

On a humorous note…my daughter who has continually dissed RW, calling it ‘soft porn’ totally had to shut her mouth at the sheer quantity of comic books out there who make RW look like a Sunday School Picnic. Even Jess and Jen's recent ‘clothing ensembles’ which Londy thought were stupid, and that no girl would wear such things…got slapped in the face by the sheer numbers of girls at the Con who seemed to have no problem at all wearing clothing just as skimpy or more! It was funny!

Hopefully we will see a few more pics by other attendees! Yea!

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shaneronzio at 12:19PM, Aug. 21, 2010
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Great thread, cool pics
Updates Monday, Wenzday & FRIDAY
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Aelwyn at 6:19AM, Oct. 24, 2010
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My table display at APE 2010. What a blast!
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elektro at 9:21PM, Nov. 21, 2010
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I went to Daisho Con in Stevens Point, WI this weekend with a couple friends of mine. While I'm not an anime fan, I've always wanted to see a real con face-to-face (plus, I needed a vacation of sorts). I took a lot of pictures, but I'm only posting the ones I think are relevant.

First off, the guys that were the big reason I made the two-plus hour trip: Doug Walker and Lewis Lovhaug, aka the Nostalgia Critic and Linkara from

They signed my book, Negligence: The First Fifty-Three:

And, best of all, I gave Doug a doodle of the two to use for his “Artist Alley” segment, which promotes the artists who show up to the cons he attends:

Also, I met some fellow Drunk Duckers there as well. You may know them as DrLuck. They make the comic A Loonatic's Tale and Crossbones, just to name a few. Anyway, they had a signing board I signed (two times):

The artist drew a sketch of Drannik and Lizzep in one of the books I bought:

The writer made a sketch too. For the record, it's a stick figure woman beating a cat girl over the head with a mallet, mostly to relieve the feeling of being around anime-related stuff for three straight days:

Finally, this is Spike Spencer, a relatively well-known voice actor who did a couple of panels. We only attended one, but this guy is just hilarious. These pictures do not do his crazy stories justice:

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