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Preview Image?
reD2rumble at 3:18PM, Sept. 27, 2006
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Yeah, how does that work? I know it's your first strip, right?

Well, anyway, my first strip was pretty lousy and too big, so my preview image was cut off and ugly. Well, I deleted it and put a new one first. But my preview image is still the same way it was before, even though the strip was deleted.

How's that work? Will it change?

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skoolmunkee at 7:51AM, Sept. 28, 2006
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Those thumbnails were created as a batch at one point, that's why it hasn't changed when you put up a new one.

Eventually you'll be able to upload your own image. Actually according to Volte's newspost on the main page, I think you're supposed to be able to do this now… but I don't know how, sorry. :( I just got here.
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