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Problem with Thumbnail
Baconators at 1:03PM, March 29, 2008
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When I started my comic, I uploaded a thumbnail and it looked fine. This is the one I uploaded:

And then, a few days later, when I went to my comic overview, this is what I saw:

That's actually a small part of the banner I uploaded. And it seemed to stay that way, and went on the front page when I updated. I had to re-upload, and wait a while before it returned to the original.

And then, of course, it happened again. And it's happened repeatedly since then. I tried this in IE, Firefox, and Opera, and I get the same result everywhere. I'm hoping this has been a recurring problem so someone will at least know what it is =P So what should I do?

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks,
~ Pol
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crocty at 1:08PM, March 30, 2008
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Well, I've heard about many problems with thumbnails, but nothing about the banned been made in to a thumbnail.
If you uploaded the banner before the first page of your comic, I guess that could make sense.
Because DD makes a thumbnail out of your first comic when you post it…

Oh, how do I edit this again?
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