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Problems with Alerter.
Ayari at 10:29AM, June 6, 2007
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Im not sure if this has been mentioned before, so Im sorry if Im repeating something someone else has said. =)

I downloaded the alerter and it was in the process of downloading .NET Framework files, but because Im on Wireless, my connection dropped out before the files completed and now it wont redownload them. (It gives me an error saying the file has changed and to redownload it, but its an endless cycle, lol) As a result I can't install the downloader =(

I guess its not that important, but I'd like to see who favorited my comic ^^; Maybe you could just put it in My Controls? ^^;
That's no toon, that's a space station!
No wait, you're right. It's a toon.
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ozoneocean at 11:58AM, June 6, 2007
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Well it won't show you who favourited you anyway… It just shows how many have.
Um, that's a pain with the .net framework, but that's a Windows problem. Um, I'm not sure of any ways around it that'll work because I haven't come across this trouble, BUT: I do know that there are several versions of the .Net framework. You could perhaps try downloading and installing different versions and trying them out.

You can download them all to a different directory to what you originally downloaded the first one and only install or "run" them after you've downloaded them. Here are some links:

.Net 1.1
.Net 2.0
.Net 3.0
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