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Problems with Scanning and Color/Tone Range
Joneko at 3:39PM, July 14, 2010
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So, I prefer doing traditional work with markers and watercolors, and I did just such a piece intending to upload it for my comic. The problem is, whenever I scan in any piece with these tone variations (this one is in grayscale ShinHan markers) there's a horrible loss of range in tones and colors. This has only happened when I use mediums with more subtle color ranges, but the ranges are really important to the image.

What can I do aside from invest in a better scanner? (I'm doing this but need a fix in the meantime.) There's been recommendations involving adjusting the brightness/contrast of the scanner, but it doesn't show any change in the preview of the image scan. Is my only option a trial-and-error approach with the scanner's brightness/contrast settings? And will I have to readjust these every time I need to scan something with different tone/color ranges?
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LOOKIS at 6:58PM, July 14, 2010
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If you have an Epson scanner make sure you don't have it set to the “scan illustrations” setting. That automatically reduces the image to just 32 colors. (Can't verify that for every single Epson model,of course, just the model I bought, but it's probably used throughout the line.)

Check every possible preset for the best one. Usually the “scan photo” setting gives you that.

If you don't have an Epson, the general principle of check all the settings still applies. And don't forget to make sure your computer monitor is set for its maximum color range.
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Joneko at 10:50PM, July 15, 2010
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I don't have an Epson, but I DID try fiddling with some profiles on the one I've been using, and it had a great effect on about half my work. Unfortunately, the other half is still getting washed out.

So maybe I can change this question a little – what all has anyone else used to scan their work? What company, what model, etc.? I'm trying to save for a better scanner and would love advice on what will work best with this kind of artwork.
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