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Product Placement's thread title reminded me of this...
BffSatan at 4:59AM, March 14, 2011
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Make of this what you will.

SHE'S 24, she's pretty, and she never takes her glasses off. The rest of what she's wearing is a different matter.

“I am a naked therapist,” say Sarah White, a resident of New York. “I do talk therapy and I undress throughout the course of the session.”

Ms White conducts most of her sessions online on Skype. Demand for appointments has been high after she appeared in the iPad-only newspaper The Daily last week.

Her story was quickly picked up and has been repeated around the world.

In between her busy schedule, she agreed to an online interview with The Courier-Mail to explain her work.

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Ms White, who studies psychology but is not a registered psychotherapist, admits she does not fully understand how removing her clothes increases the mental well-being of her clients.

“It helps get men to therapy,” she says. “But I'm still trying to figure it out. As far as the thrust of it, I'm not quite able to explain. I know it helps people open up more.

”I'm not saying naked therapy is better than other kinds of therapy, but for some people, it is better for them. Yeah, it does assist with their problems.“

All right then. How? ”Nakedness establishes a relationship between myself and my client that is immediately intimate and open. People respond to nakedness in different ways. Some people it makes them more calm, relaxed.“

She says some men use her sessions to learn how to behave in the presence of women. Which is slightly troubling because if the behavior they exhibit during her sessions was taken to the wider world, they'd be arrested.

Ms White admits - and there's no way to put this politely - that some of her clients engage in self-abuse.

”Um, the patients are free to react in the way they would like to react,“ she says. ”When I first see a client it's usually with a one-way cam, so I don't necessarily know. Even in a two-way cam experience, I reserve the right to look or not look as I would like.“

In other words, most would engage in what those in the aviation industry might call ”solo flight“?

”I wouldn't say the majority do,“ Ms White says. ”Or potentially, the majority don't. I don't know.“

Ms White explains that people talk through their problems while she, for the most part, listens.

”I'm usually clothed and about half way into the session I start taking off my clothes. Though not all of the time - there are a few people I don't do it for, they don't want it.“

They'd be the real weirdos, then?

Ms White says: ”That's funny.“

She says she's been attacked by registered therapists since word about her service got out last week.

”I have definitely had critics,“ she says. ”I've had therapists emailing me, quite angry. I've also had people with quite severe mental illnesses who say you shouldn't be doing this kind of thing.

“My response to that is there are different therapies for different people. Each person has their own pathway.”

I suspect Ms White downplays what's really going on here: that for men, this is more about the lower brain than the upper one. And it raises the question whether this is a form of prostitution.

“No, there's no touching between me and the client and prostitution usually involves sex. So no it's not, it's therapy. I believe I'm assisting people and in fact I know it. It's a positive and powerful therapeutic technique.”

During sessions, which cost US$150 for the hour, Ms White says she does not simply sit there listening.

“I sometimes move around, have a drink, I'll sometimes turn around. I definitely don't masturbate, let's put that out there. That's not what's going on here.

”Women are statistically four times more likely to attend therapy than men, so one very good thing I'm doing is addressing what you could call a mental health crisis. They need to be talking more about their feelings.“

In the last week, Ms White says her practice has doubled. ”There's been a stream of articles, online and in newspapers all over the world."

You're probably wondering whether in the course of our on-line interview Ms White removed her clothes. My answer to that is that I don't require therapy. At least, not today.
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bravo1102 at 5:33AM, March 14, 2011
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Yeah, I saw this. She'll probably get a study grant for this of several million dollars. And there is sexual touching therapy but that's something different than therapist strip therapy. It's vaguely Pythonesque.

Nude group therapy could solve a lot of problems about opening up. I think that was a Bob Newhart episode. lol!
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ozoneocean at 5:45AM, March 14, 2011
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Heh, it's just a smart way to attract the clients ^^

I remember back in the late 80s Clive James interviewed a real therapist who was doing the naked sessions thing- in person. It was quite interesting and a little more genuine than this lady.

You're right BFF, this is exactly like PP's thread!
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Chernobog at 2:27PM, March 14, 2011
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I wonder if she has Dr. Nick Riviera in her Rolodex?
“You tell yourself to just
enjoy the process,” he added. “That whether you succeed or fail, win or
lose, it will be fine. You pretend to be Zen. You adopt detachment, and
ironic humor, while secretly praying for a miracle.”
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blindsk at 8:54PM, March 14, 2011
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She wouldn't even need to say anything for this therapy to work for me. ;)
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therealtj at 9:02PM, March 14, 2011
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I want to see an actual psychopath try to hire her as a therapist. That would be interesting.

“The only moral it is possible to draw from this story is that one should never throw the letter Q into a privet bush, but unfortunately there are times when it is unavoidable.”
-Douglas Adams, The Restaurant At the End of the Universe
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