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Question about comments under "Admin Review"
Xepher at 6:57PM, Nov. 27, 2010
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I recently commented on a sprite comic with a rather harmless observation, and the author seems to have reported my comments. I'm not sure what the repercussions would be, but I'm not sure what the policy is on reporting comments that are in no way, shape or form harmful or abrasive.

My first comment was
I'm sorry, but the jokes aren't that good
(some might even be offensive to other users) and the recolors aren't cutting it for me. Overall, I'm finding this to be the same old copy and paste ripped sprite comic that is used and reused all over DrunkDuck. I'd suggest being a tad more original and creating your own sprites to use for your comic instead of editing colors and using different speech bubbles that would allow for a more fluid reading, but I'm not sure if you'd be willing to do so considering how you're responding to trolls. Good luck with your comic - hope to see improvement over time. :)

To which the author replied
Now there's an honest statement. Thanks Xepher.

However the author later deleted the page and reposted it with a rant. I commented again going
You didn't like my critique? I'm sorry I hurt your feelings; I was just being honest. I saw your comic in the random comics section on the front page and decided to comment. :c
and the comment was reported.

Is there anything that can be done about this?
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KademonsterX at 7:02PM, Nov. 27, 2010
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Sorry about that, I also deleted THAT page as well, so I'm not sure if the comment is still under admin review or not since it doesn't exist. Again, I'm sorry I reported your comment, didn't mean to, it was for the troll.
Cease this, honkus!
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ozoneocean at 7:41AM, Nov. 28, 2010
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No action is taken against people who have their comments reported (unless it's a really special case).
It's an old crappy system, all it means is that the comic owner wants to delete the comment. Unfortunately they have to go through us to do that for them.
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Caged Dreams at 8:53PM, Jan. 7, 2011
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How about an instance where I got a little click happy and accidentally reported one of my reader's comments? How would I retract that?
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ozoneocean at 11:42PM, Jan. 7, 2011
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I'll undo it.
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