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question about photoshop technique.
Kristen Gudsnuk at 1:01AM, Dec. 8, 2006
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Ok, so, you know how if you take a photo of someone and their back is to the sun, you get those weird shiny circles that indicate lots of sunlight? I have no idea what they're called, but hopefully you'll know what I'm talking about.
well I've seen a few comics that utilize the shiny circle sunlight technique, although I don't remember which, and I want to use that in an upcoming picture. Only problem is I don't know how.
So does anyone know if there's a specific Photoshop function that makes it simple to draw those??
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subcultured at 5:01AM, Dec. 8, 2006
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noooooo don't use filters! it cheapens the picture…but if you really want to know it's called “lens flare”
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Knuckles at 11:19AM, Dec. 8, 2006
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Yeah it's lens flare… don't overdo that filter or else it will make the picture look tacky…

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ozoneocean at 11:50AM, Dec. 8, 2006
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People do overuse lensflares, but there could be a time when you really need to use one, so it's good to know how to get to it.

Go to “filter”, then go down to “Render”, the “Lens flare” should come up if you've got a coloured image. Simply play with it in the preview screen, choosing the right kind of “lense” and the size untill you achieve the desired effect.

Explore the filters and see what they do. Maybe one or two are right for you?
Digital painters like Sub and I generally don't use them because we can get more control by through painting the effects we want. But it's always good to explore and see what's right for you. :)
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gigatwo at 1:08PM, Dec. 8, 2006
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Lens flare……

no good.
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Mr Mustard Seed at 2:24PM, Dec. 8, 2006
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Oh, my … saying lens flares are no good is like saying Brittany Spears is no fun … overdoing Britany Spears is a bad thing, and just the same for lens flares. However, there are times when a good lens flare really helps establish a wide open, atmospheric, sunny space. If you don't have all the elements, however, a lens flare will stick out as much a wart on Brittany's … um … nose. ;-)
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Kristen Gudsnuk at 12:42AM, Dec. 9, 2006
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oh yeah, I wasn't going to incorporate magical sunlight into every picture henceforth. I just have a *really sunny* picture I was working on. ^_^ I didn't end up using the lens thing, but now I know how to, for the future! huzzah!
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skoolmunkee at 4:39PM, Dec. 9, 2006
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Just remember, you only get lens flares in nature when there's a lens… ie when you are looking through a camera. :) The ring appears because the light is refracted off the lens or somesuch. One of the ‘rules’ of using a lens flare ‘properly’ is making sure you apply it in the right context.

For natural bright light, I've always liked this page from Gunnerkrigg Court (and the following few pages)… it's a wide open area and you can tell that it's brilliantly bright.
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JillyFoo at 5:21PM, Dec. 26, 2006
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Ooops so much for that last chapter I did using mostly lens flare(I just discovered it too I didn't know it was over used…) :P

Where's the filter that has the bright effects in a little circle yet no circlies that lens flare creates?
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