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KHCloud_Strife at 4:23PM, April 21, 2007
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Okay, i'm new here, and i'm looking forward to soon posting my own comic (A.K.A Kingdom Hearts New World). I have everything: Sprites, backgrouds, but I don't know how to actually create the comic (actually I do, but I don't…wait, what did I say?). So, I need a comic expert to tell me what program I need to use (I tried posting my sprites on Paint, and it was frustrating!), and all the basic tips. Oh, and I don't have individual sprites, I have sprite lists, so help me!!!!

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amv_jester at 9:39PM, April 25, 2007
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Well you could get photoshop…..thats what most people use. But my bet is, you dont have that type of money (about $800 last I heard). Most people I bet have it illegally, but there is a alternative now. Its called GIMP. You can get this for free and it can pretty much do what photoshop can and its great for starters. Its a little hard to use and understand how the layers work.

hers a tutorial that might help

if your wondering what I use for my comic, its a free 3d program called Blender 3d. if you are intrested in doing 3d comics, let me know.
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