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The meaning of this manga is Random Mercenaries This is a comedy/serious manga could someone please do this?
Randamu Dasanteki
Chapter One: The Beginning
You know how people always wonder if the people that have been killed lately were hired mercenaries? Well they seem to be correct cause it is very true in our studies we have found four mercenaries that were hired by Cyboshi himself
Their names are Chaos, Hiromi, Aimi and Metsuki they are to be watched till further notice if you citizens can get proof from them killing someone let us know that will be all sorry for interrupting your entertainment.
Chaos walked out of his house his hair over one of his eyes and his chains swinging freely he looked left to right and sighed in relief.
“Good they don't know where I am” He said smiling and started to walk towards school he walked past neighbors houses and waved they always waved back they were some pretty old people though but he shrugged it off it wasn't good to discriminate people. He had finally gotten to the gates of the school he thought he was free and no one was behind him BIG MISTAKE. Ten girls had jumped on him he fell to the ground cringing in pain as he fell the girls were putting there hands all over him then they got to his jeans he immediately jumped up threw all their grasp and ran quickly into school. He ran past many people the girl mob still after him he turned into a corner and lost them as they thought he would go to his class room.

He peeked and saw them go towards his class he smirked and turned around then right there was Aimi his eyes widened.
Heh hey Aimi“ He said waving and started to run again but she was fairly fast and jumped right on his back he felt her start to lick his neck he gulped and got her off his neck then finally ran to his class Aimi was a girl that had liked him ever since grade school he had realized she would do anything for him but he would just not do that kind of thing. He got to class almost out of breath he sat in his chair.
”Chaos your late“ His teacher said she had blond hair; light skinned and was fairly thin she wore a red collared shirt and a black skirt.
”I know I know“ he said and sighed he put his head down on his arms on his desk still resting from all the girls that were on him today he shook his head wondering why he attracted them so much.
”Today is partner day for our geography test“ The teacher said Chaos looked up at her wide eyed and waved his hands.
”No no no no no!“ He said but he was too late the girls all wanted him as a partner and he knew it they all started to beg him to be his partner but he had a friend in mind her name was Metsuki she was quiet and kind he stood up and sat beside her in a desk he smiled and nodded at her.

”Hey Metsuki“ He said to her she sort of blushed and smiled back at him
”Hi Chaos“ She said quietly he looked over at his old desk he had left his pencil there but he didn't want to go back to go into that death trap. Just then Metsuki handed him a pencil he smiled and took it from her hand she blushed even redder as his finger accidentally touched her hand.
”Thanks Metsuki, Now do you know what we are supposed to do?“
She nodded still a little red he always wondered why she was so red around him but he enjoyed her company.

”We were suppose to make our own map of Japan and how it was 500 years ago“ She said to him looking down at her paper and started to write so did Chaos on the same paper.
”Sorry if my drawing isn't as good as yours I draw like a three year old“ He said she chuckled and shook her head then her eyes widened as she saw what he drew on the paper he draw a beautiful castle and a village around it. It looked so realistic he started to color it the red color pencil dancing up and down the castle flags.
”That looks really good Chaos!“ She said to him surprised he smirked and shook his head.

”Nah not as good as your drawing mine compared to yours mine is kind of sucky“ He said to her he looked around him all the girls seemed to be glaring at Metsuki he wondered why but didnÃ?¢??t waste his time on it.
”No your drawing is really good“ She said to him smiling looking into his green eyes getting herself lost in them. Chaos cocked an eyebrow wondering what she was looking at.
”Is there something on my face?“ He asked she shook her head and blushed even redder as she turned her head so he wouldnÃ?¢??t see. He looked at her weirdly and then shook his head he put his pencil down and looked out the window towards the sky.

Metsuki looked into his eyes as he looked up to the sky they shined reflecting the sky in his eyes she kept looking in his eyes as he looked up to the sky.
”Metsuki…Tell me..You ever think of someone constantly and only them?“ He asked her it pressed his mind cause he had been thinking of someone he had never met and wondered why he kept thinking about her. Metsuki looked into his eyes wide eyed then they went back to normal she twiddled with her fingers.
”Well…I“ Before she had time to answer Chaos's cell phone rang he took it out of his back pocket unfolded it and put it to his ear it was black and had wolves all over it.
”Chaos here“
”Chaos We got a mission from Cyboshi come to the HQ with the girls“
”Alright Chaos out“

Chaos then hanged up his phone and called the other two girls with the flash button.
”Hey Hiromi and Aimi we got a mission at the HQ meet me and Metsuki there“
”WHAT!? You are with Metsuki!? I'm going to kill her!“
”She is in the same class as me we are partners“
”Alright I'll meet you there Chaos and Metsuki is one lucky girl but don't worry doesn't mean I'm not going to let her have you“
”WHAT!? You are just going to let them go alone!?“
”Bye see you there“
Chaos then hung up the phone and sighed looking up at Metsuki.
”We got to go to HQ we got to make it fast so your going to need to go on my back“

She looked at him confused at first but then he picked her up and put her on his back the teacher and students looked up at him.
”Erm…Emergency her grandma is dying“ The teacher and students gasped and nodded he then ran out of the door smirking.
”Suckers“ He said then picked up speed running across school grounds Metsuki grabbed a hold of him and left her head on his back her brown hair blowing in the wind he was fast she sniffed and she smelt his colon it was great she sighed happily and he kept running. After about 25 minutes they were almost there.
”You alright back there“ He asked she nodded fast still holding onto him sniffing his colon then the finally got to the HQ it was a massive building 6 stories tall it had huge letters on top of the building it said ”Cyboshi Corp“ it was a blue building with many windows like a business building.

He always thought it was a stupid name but he wouldn't get himself fired for just a name of the company he worked at. He went threw the double doors of the building Hiromi waiting for him also Aimi. Chaos sat Metsuki down and looked up at Aimi and Hiromi they were giving Metsuki an evil glare but that didn�¢??t last long as they both pounced on Chaos before he could react he fell over and they both tackled him to the ground. Metsuki stood there nervous as she always was twiddeling her fingers Chaos slipped out of their grasp and walked up to the main office. He saw the office attender she looked up at him as he put his hands on the table.
”What you need honey?“ She asked winking at him he sighed and shook his head this always happened to him.

”I need to talk with Cyboshi the boss“ She nodded and pushed a button a flat screen T.V. Moderate size popped up from the ceiling and in front of them it blinked and there was Cyboshi with his black suit with his little robot friend on his shoulder his black sun glasses and his bald head.
”I said sauce! Put sauce on it not mustar its a damn taco not a hot dog your fired!“
”Oh sorry…Chaos…I have a mission for all four of you“
While Cyboshi and Chaos were talking Hiromi and Aimi glared at Metsuki evilly knowing Metsuki she was as scared as a little stray pup.
”What did you do with Chaos?“
”What did you do with him?“
”TELL US!!!!“
”Listen all of you!“ Cyboshi said to stop their arguing they stuck their tongues out at Metsuki she sighed and shook her head.

”Alright then…Your mission is"

End of Chapter One

Character Appearances: Chaos: Chaos has black long hair that goes down to his shoulder blades, His bangs cover one of his eyes because the eye has a scar on it and he doesn't want anyone getting curious on why it is there. He has a black buttoned long sleeved shirt, Blue jeans, A sheathe on his right hip and two leather packs on the back of his pants with kunai and shuriken inside of it. He has green deep eyes many girls swoon when they look into his eyes or he looks into theirs, He has light smooth skin not one pimple has penetrated his smooth skin at all.
Height: 5'9
Weight: 150 lb

Hiromi: Hiromi has brown long hair that passes her shoulder blades and goes to her back it is very silky and smooth always. She has green shirt with a monkey on it. She is medium chested, has blue jeans sort of tight but they are made like that. Tan smooth skin, Hazel eyes, many guys have begged to go out with her but her eyes are set on Chaos. Hiromi wears green flip flops with monkeys on them she just loves monkeys.
Height: 5'6
Weight: 140 lb

Metsuki: Metsuki has short black hair it goes down to her shoulder blades it goes up a bit, Pink glasses she can't see fairly well. Blue angelic eyes, light smooth skin, she is small chested. She wears a black shirt with a lot of different languages almost no one knows but the words all say Chaos, Black skirt that goes up to her thighs. She also wears black high heels.
Height: 5'6
Weight: 135 lb

Aimi: Aimi has pink long hair that goes down her shoulder blades she has emerald green eyes, light skin, and is medium chested. She wears a blue tank top and black skirt. Many guys have asked her out as well but her eyes are also set on Chaos and they will not take their view off of him. She also has pink flip flops she loves them they were made from her grandmother.
Height: 5'7
Weight: 145 lb

Cyboshi: Cyboshi is a bald man leader of Cyboshi Corp he has a black suit on as he always does, Black sunglasses, a fairly muscular man. He has a pet robot that looks like a ladybug but is twice its size, it is gray and it has two green eyes it can also fly by spreading its wings out. He does attract a lot of women but he is not focused on women only to keep his job alive.
Height: 6'1
Weight: 200 lb(Muscle)
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