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Rank question: How do I see?
EHJones at 10:27PM, June 2, 2007
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OK, my second noob question for the day:
I can go see the stats on my comic, and the current ranking, but how can I see how many people have ranked it, and how many of each ranking (1-5) I actually got? Or is that even how the ranking system works? And does anyone actually care about rankings, or is it something only new folks look at?

Also… any tips on getting people to look at, and rank or comment on, your work? That's not really a help question… more of a plugging question. What's the best way (other than having a good comic) to get people to check it out?

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skoolmunkee at 5:29AM, June 3, 2007
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Ranking: The 1-5 numbers don't determine rank. They used to, but that was far too easily abused, and it turned into a situation where if anyone gave or received less than a 5, the world exploded. Those numbers don't do anything any more, so there's not much point in trying to follow them. The most meaning they have now is that if someone leaves you a 4 or 5 they think your page was good, they just don't have to type “good page”.

Ranking is now based on a secret formula, something to do with pageviews, number of favorites, and possibly some other stuff like number of comments perhaps? A lot of people care about their rank, and I think if the formula were known, we'd have a number of ‘manipulators’ :) People do like their rank though!

You can see how many people have made your comic a favorite if you download the DD Alerter, which is a link in your control panel. You won't be able to see who those specific people are, though.

As far as getting views - there's a bunch of ways.

1. Leave comments for others. Genuine comments are preferred, there are some people who run around the site leaving ‘5’ and ‘awesome page’ and ‘good job’ on pretty much every comic, they're very transparent and I think their prolific-ness kinda backfires on them. :) Everyone appreciates genuine comments though.

2. Participate in the forums - and have an eye-catching avatar or signature image (250x100 or 480x60, max 70kb please). Particularly helpful are creating/participating in threads where you can talk about your own comic or show off bits of art, etc.

3. Participate in community events - like Civil War, Fusion, the Spider-Man project, etc. (Someone should make a list of all the community projects going on… there's so many now.)

4. Go to the Comic Review forum, read the rules thread there, and if they're agreeable to you sign up to review some comics and get your own comic reviewed in turn. Alternatively if you just want the quick plug, go to the Hey Everyone Look What I Did forum and make a post there. :)

Those are all about getting out there and getting your avatar/name to be familiar and so forth. There are others too- like participating in contests, drawing fan art for people, exchanging links with someone, etc. Everything in moderation though - in my experience I've found that people who are too willing to do fan art for everyone, who can't stop talking about their own comic, etc, aren't received as well.
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EHJones at 8:53AM, June 3, 2007
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Thanks for the tips, skoolmunkee, and the replies to both my questions. Good info!

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