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Rant on Hentai
zgenstru at 1:04PM, Feb. 15, 2008
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I agree with the guy and his dog was cute.

MCcain IS cancer.
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bluebot092 at 1:46PM, Feb. 15, 2008
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i agree 2 the dog was cute
I don't have ADD you're just boring me.
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Inkmonkey at 1:53PM, Feb. 15, 2008
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Sounds like the kind of rant you get from someone who watches a lot of porn and acts like he hates it to avoid suspicion of his lecherous ways…
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Kohdok at 2:31PM, Feb. 15, 2008
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He admits himself that he knows next to nothing about the subject he's ranting about, so he lost a few points with me on that for credibility.

Boobs the size of their head? He's obviously never seen Loli or the other 80% of stuff out there.

I doubt he's familiar with the size of the American porn industry, as well.
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piraterpg at 11:53AM, Feb. 17, 2008
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what was the point of his rant? I mean apart from him being obsessed with showing his dog, what was the point? To stop making hentai? what?!?! seriously what a waste of time.

Simple solution: If you dont like what you see then dont watch.

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Stain at 10:41PM, Feb. 19, 2008
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Dirk Zephyrs
Stain is also pretty hot.
Lawl @ Homosexuality

K.A.L.A.-dan! Trap!
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lastcall at 2:51PM, Feb. 20, 2008
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Sorry, I couldn't get past the first five seconds of lip-synching dumbness.
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