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Rant: Your Friends Make You Fat...Not!
mapaghimagsik at 6:03PM, Aug. 2, 2007
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Ozoneocean and I are dangerously close to agreeing. I'll have to fix that :D

Actually, I do think what I said before, about a sedentary lifestyle and that friends tend to share lifestyles has some bearing on your weight and general body shape.

Having said that, even people with the “right” bodyshape could probably stand to get out a bit more. I know I can.

I have a friend who is on the larger side. He regularly plays raquetball and goes out to the gym during lunch at work. He tries to eat pretty well, and he does. He is however, still on the larger side *but* he gets a physical by a doctor every year and his choresterol is good, and he's in very good shape. His body type just tends to be on the bigger side, and its something he has to monitor.

I personally feel – myself included – that people exercise for the wrong reasons. They think its going to give them a body shape that has some sort of porn star seal of approval. I think the idea of living a healthier lifestyle is to be healthier – you're more resistant to disease, you have more energy, and it helps your general well being. Exercise and good nutrition helps you emotionally as well.

There is a prejudice that everyone who is big is lazy or doesn't exercise. Its not true for everyone, though it is true for many. However, to lump everyone into that many is a knee-jerk reaction.

So anyway, I guess I'll have to settle for agreeing with Ozoneocean, even though it makes baby Jesus cry. :D

Anyone got a favorite salad?
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TitanOne at 12:38AM, Aug. 3, 2007
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I agree with LadyKnight17 that "every persons' body is differe
nt for different reasons". Which is to say that people, as well as animals, are different shapes and sizes because of nature. And they can be healthy at different sizes naturally. I believe this is especially true with women.
I think this is a general misconception and becomes a bit of an excuse… It negatively reinforces a defeatist mindset when it comes to healthy living- “Oh, this is just the way I am, I can't change”. I believe this because if what you say is true, then the natural body types of people 50 years ago, 100 years ago, and further are completely different to what we have today. I don't believe evolution works that fast in humans or at all in that particular case.

Yes, there were some bigger people in the past, but a vastly smaller percentage than today. People haven't changed biologically, all that has changed are two things: Activity and energy intake. The amount of energy in food today has increased and people are eating far, far more. It's such a simple equation, and we can look for comparison at societies where not as much food is regularly consumed: in many African countries people are vastly different, this isn't brought about by “genetics” because we can see the wealthy and more prosperous are just as big as their Western Counterparts.

Actually if you look seriously at African cultures, including north Africa, there are lots of large people, and only a tiny few of them are wealthy. The difference is that most of them are female. African men are generally very thin by comparison to Americans.

I agree wholeheartedly that most people in our culture are too sedentary.
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ozoneocean at 1:19AM, Aug. 3, 2007
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North Africa? You mean Arabs, Berbers etc? I don't know about that. I know there's a cultural thing in a lot of Africa about largeness reflecting prosperity, so it's very desirable for a woman to be fat to show status. And a recent cultural change is that being large also means you don't look like you have aids… But these are more cultural trends and not biological ones, which I suppose means there is a lot of truth to the idea that your friends can influence your weight! Afterall, friendships are society and culture in the mirco sense.

I want to clarify my position though: while I'm against overindulgence and waste, I can't place a value judgement on how much someone weighs. I didn't mean to imply that being thin equals good and being big equals bad, or that being thin equals healthy and fat the reverse.

And mapaghimagsik, don't pretend, you LIKE making baby Jesus cry! Agreeing with me is nothing but a means to that end. :)
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mapaghimagsik at 7:47AM, Aug. 3, 2007
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And mapaghimagsik, don't pretend, you LIKE making baby Jesus cry! Agreeing with me is nothing but a means to that end. :)

Read like a book. Touche.
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