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Rasputins penis on display in Museum
Eunice P at 5:28AM, June 25, 2007
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Mad monk's member features big in Russian erotica museum

http://www.globalspot.com/images/storage/rasputin.jpg NSFW

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Sat Jun 12

SAINT PETERSBURG, Russia (AFP) - In a more innocent age, it was said that Gregory Efimovich Rasputin's legendary power over women was due to his piercing eyes.

But a new museum of erotica here suggests that the mad monk's charm may instead have been, ahem, concealed beneath his cassock.

Measuring 28.5 centimeters (about 11 inches) – allowing for shrinkage caused by pickling – Rasputin's penis displayed in a tall glass bottle is, to put it delicately, a big attraction at the museum.

Director Igor Knyazkin said he bought the object from a French antiquitarian for 8,000 dollars (6,600 euros), along with several of Rasputin's hand-written letters.

It was not known if he had a certificate of authenticity for such a remarkable piece.

Reputed both for his mysticism and his debauchery, Rasputin was a powerful influence at the court of the Romanov Tsars.

Concerned about his unusual hold over the Empress Alexandra, a group of aristocrats decided to kill him to save Russia.

They lured him to an assignation in 1916, fed him drugged cakes, shot him and finally killed him by wrapping him in a carpet and throwing him into the frozen Neva river.

The aura of sexual power and mysticism lives on. Some Russians think just by staring at the object, they can cure sexual impotence.

One visitor asked Knyazkin if this is true.

“Without a shadow of doubt,” he replied with a smile.

Knyazkin, 37, a urologist and sexologist, set up the museum in the clinic he runs, partly with the aim of helping his patients overcome impotence. The atmosphere of the museum makes patients “more optimistic and relaxed,” he said.

“The aim of the doctor is to free his patient from anxiety and fears. Men who come here are ill at ease because of their problems, and our light and happy atmosphere reassures them.”

Only part of Knyazkin's collection of 12,000 erotic objects is displayed in the clinic, which is staffed by buxom nurses wearing short white blouses and high heels.

“I keep the valuable stuff at home,” he said.

Nevertheless, the museum still contains an impressive collection of ceramic phalluses and bawdy drawings.

Many of the exhibits come from his patients, said the doctor, rattling off the names of several members of Russian high society.

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Cthulhu at 5:39AM, June 25, 2007
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If you ask me, it's not real, but I still consider it a huge insult.
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ozoneocean at 7:10AM, June 25, 2007
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Heh. Whatever claims to authenticity, it's likely a fake. As if the ladies would go weak at the knees for a gigantic penis… Maybe if he was the pizza delivery boy, or the pool cleaner in a 70's porno. lol!

It is likely that they cut it off after he died. But it was more likely pretty ordinary, and lost long ago. Those were turbulent times afterall…
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monsterfriend at 9:10AM, June 25, 2007
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greatrasputins piece is on display like nepoleons in france
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Puff_Of_Smoke at 9:57AM, June 25, 2007
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even though not real, disgusting.
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subcultured at 10:49AM, June 25, 2007
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that chickadee in the pic is hawt :)
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fern at 10:52AM, June 25, 2007
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That's hellasane!
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ZeroVX at 11:29AM, June 25, 2007
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…yeah, OK. Why not put up Hitler's dick while you're at it?
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ozoneocean at 11:33AM, June 25, 2007
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that chickadee in the pic is hawt :)
“Chickadee” is Sub's new euphemism for “penis”. ;)

On another note, I like the blonde Russian woman in the photo.
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lidless_i at 12:06PM, June 25, 2007
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Everyone and their grandmother has claimed to have Rasputin's penis…Though this does lead me to wonder exactly what went through the mind of whomever stole that particular organ from whomever it originally belonged to. Some opportunistic doctor doing the autopsy, sees the penis and thinks to himself “I could get some big bucks for that fine specimen” How big does a penis have to be for someone to lop it off on sight?
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marine at 4:33AM, June 26, 2007
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Its not real. Still very interesting guy that Rasputin. You should read the rotten article about him.
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