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Reboot of old comic - looking for artist
CDarklock at 8:17PM, March 17, 2009
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On September 11, 2000, I started a web comic called Crap Comix.

While working on my BIG ANNIVERSARY BLOWOUT, everything went PTHBBTT.

I've toyed with the idea of resuscitating it, but the fact is, the comic wasn't that good. It started out predicated on three repeating gags:

1. Terrible artwork
2. Mangled grammar
3. Saying “gay” a lot

Things improved over time. It got to a point where there were some recurring characters, a general ongoing feel to the comic, that sort of thing. But it wasn't really a comic the way we usually think of comics. And honestly, the three recurring gags were just not that funny.

I've developed a solid plan for “Crap Comix: The Next Generation”. I've got about half a year of script guidelines, an evolution that introduces a series of believable contemporary characters (and a few… oddnesses), and a general plotline that should be interesting to people. It's pretty mainstream, overall; it's primarily about a young man returning to college later in life, giving up his youthful dreams for something more stable and reliable. Of course, there are some complications, ranging from the dread machinations of Great Cthulhu to the incompetence of an infinite number of monkeys… along with some more mundane problems, like a pregnancy scare and a perpetually stoned roommate and the ubiquitous “girl who just doesn't think of him that way”.

What I need is an artist who doesn't suck. Someone who can produce reasonable, syndication-quality comics that wouldn't look horribly out of place in the newspaper. Someone who can collaborate. An equal partner in defining and refining the look and feel and direction of the project. Ideally, someone in the western Washington area that I could meet in person to discuss things - but remote location is not a dealbreaker. I want this to be a true fifty-fifty collaboration, with all revenue split evenly once the three cents a month from AdSense starts rolling in (woohoo!), and a real formal business partnership backing it.

PM me here if you're interested. Point me at some of your work, and maybe give me a few ideas of what sort of things you want from this collaboration. You don't have to be a great artist, so long as there's potential… I see this as a long-term project, with plenty of time for you to develop your skills and personal style.

It would be nice if you actually thought the old comics were funny, but that's not necessary. The new comic is a whole different animal.
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CDarklock at 1:48PM, April 1, 2009
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Simple bumps never work and just annoy people, so here's more information.

This is the sort of twisted crap I write. Click through to continue reading the storyline.

The rebooted comic has an entirely different focus, and about six months of scripting planned out. PQ for more info; I'm not attached to the idea of any particular artistic style, so whether you're more anime-style or Marvel-style or Dilbert-style doesn't really matter… so long as the story gets told effectively.
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