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Red Slime Magazine seeks comic writers, artists, reviewers
LibertyCabbage at 12:26AM, Aug. 24, 2009
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If you're an aspiring comics creator and are looking to get your work seen, then Red Slime is the place for you. This comics community site, which features a monthly web magazine of short comics, was launched in March 2006 and has been slowly but steadily growing since. We've already put out six issues of the magazine, and we're looking for talented individuals to contribute their time and energy toward the future issues.

What we're looking for:

– short scripts (1-10 comic pages in length)
– pencilers
– inkers
– colorists
– letterers
– cover artists
– finished short comics (up to 15 pages in length)

In addition, we're looking for the following for the Web site:

– articles (500+ words)
– reviews (500+ words)
– banners (710x310 .png)

We also have a chat room and forums for those who are into that kinda stuff.

So, check out the site at . Click the “Submit” button in the navigation menu for details on how you can contribute. Note that you must register an account on the site before you can use the submission forms. (Although, it only takes a minute to do so.)

Lastly, as a consequence of the magazine being free for everyone to view, I'm unable to pay anyone for their work. Sorry. Ideally, though, this will be a good place to get your work seen, and the finished comic will be something that will look good in your portfolio. If you're already a professional comics creator with serious accolades, then this project probably isn't for you. However, if you're a talented creator seeking a little recognition, then this should be a great opportunity to get ahead.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to e-mail me at . I'm looking forward to getting some new people involved with the project!
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Gillespie at 9:01PM, Aug. 30, 2009
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I'll take a look at the website. Many of us are busy with our own comics, but surely someone would be interested.
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