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Remember, remember, the fifth of November!
DAJB at 12:22AM, Nov. 11, 2008
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Time to stir up some controversy, but I cant live a lie.
I liked the movie of V for Vendetta more then the graphic novel. I don't expect anyone to agree with me.
I half agree with you! ;-)

I'm a huge fan of Alan Moore but I do find some of his books very self-indulgent and, for me, V for Vendetta is one of them. Like an immature schoolboy, it just seems to stamp its foot and scream: “I'm an angry young man and I'm going to vent my spleen at the Thatcher Government because that's what every trendy young person is doing these days!” (“These days” being the 1980s, obviously!) It's almost completely lacking in the trademark wit and subtlety that make Moore's best works great.

For me, though, the movie is also flawed. It looks cool but, ultimately, it fails because - despite retaining the UK setting - it tries too hard to be relevant to the current political era and the US. There are parallels but, in trying so hard to emphasize them, the story loses a lot of its original focus. It's okay, but not a classic. (So, no, I didn't watch it on 5th!)
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harkovast at 10:13AM, Nov. 14, 2008
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V would kick Captain America's ass.
The cap has an “A” on his forehead for heavens sake!
And little wings!
Also, for a supposedly heroic all-american role model- Captain america got his powers from super powerful WW2 steroids!
“Remember kids, winners don't use drugs- they use SUPER DRUGS!”
So much for hard work and exercise!
To quote from Homer “That's not America, that's not even Mexico!”
V mean while has a cool creepy mask, had his super steroid powers forced on him rather then shooting up willingly (unlike captain junky), and is completely awesomely insane.
He blew up parliament!
When Captain America blows up the Lincon memorial/white house/Bill O'reilly then maybe we can talk, but until then he cant compete with V's awesomeness.
(But Batman could take V. It would be a tough fight, but Batman would 'ave him.)

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harkovast at 10:18AM, Nov. 14, 2008
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DAJB, I can see your point with the movie, but don't tell me you didn't enjoy the anarchic glee of V blowing the houses of parliament to bit while playing loud classical music.
For me, that kind of pay off at the end makes up for a lot.

Regarding the comic, you just summed up what was wrong with it far more concisely and accurately then I have been able too, so I wont add anything other then to say I agree entirely.
(Though I suppose I can mention that anything from the 1980's that rages against thatcher/reagan always looks horribly lame and dated now. Just looked at how badly Ben Elton imploded without the iron lady to rage against. No doubt things attacking Bush/blair these days will age just as badly!)

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lefarce at 8:52PM, Nov. 14, 2008
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When I read the thread title I took a finger to my chin and though “gonna bet half the people in this thread just talk about the movie and totally miss what the 5th was about.”

And what do I see in the first post?

“V for Vendetta”

I can't be blamed for liking a movie.
And if it was based on a graphic novel that was written to honour Guy Fawkes I hardly see any good reason to not watch it on the day on which the Gunpowder Plot was supposed to take place.

Because you probably only know about Guy Fawkes day because you saw the movie. Also the book > movie.

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