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RIP L Nielsen
Red Slayer at 8:06PM, Nov. 28, 2010
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You brought us laughter and never misery.

Except that one time when you died.
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Chernobog at 10:12PM, Nov. 28, 2010
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That man made some truly funny movies. I was hoping he was secretly immortal.
“You tell yourself to just
enjoy the process,” he added. “That whether you succeed or fail, win or
lose, it will be fine. You pretend to be Zen. You adopt detachment, and
ironic humor, while secretly praying for a miracle.”
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Genejoke at 11:30PM, Nov. 28, 2010
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I was beginning to suspect he was, I mean he has been making films for almost 200 years.
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Randal at 11:46PM, Nov. 28, 2010
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Most people know him for his bulbous nosed, white haired bumbling comedy, but he was also in more dramatic pieces, such as the sci-fi cult classic Forbidden Planet. (No white hair there, but it did have Robbie the Robot…)
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ozoneocean at 2:09AM, Nov. 29, 2010
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Forbidden Planet.
True, but once you've seen his comedy stuff it's hard to go back and take him seriously in his dramatic roles… largely because he played both exactly the same way- which was why he was funny IN the funny roles.

Too bad he didn't have better writers in his later films, they didn't properly exploit his talents,
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Abt_Nihil at 4:17AM, Nov. 29, 2010
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Too bad he didn't have better writers in his later films, they didn't properly exploit his talents,
Agreed. I still wished he would have appeared in one more great movie. Just like Dennis Hopper…

Coincidentally, yesterday I watched the Back To The Future TV special he hosted back in 1989 (it's on the new BTTF blu-ray) and wondered what he's doing these days…

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Product Placement at 9:22AM, Nov. 29, 2010
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But how will we get more naked gun movies now? :cry:

I mean seriously… I grew up watching these movies. And it's so damn surreal watching O.J.Simpson in these movies, knowing that he was just months away from (supposedly) chopping up his ex wife.

Oh well, I doubt we'll see the last of him anyways.

Those were my two cents.
If you have any other questions, please deposit a quarter.
This space for rent.
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NickyP at 9:52AM, Nov. 29, 2010
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D: How terrible. He was such a good actor and comedian; he could act completely retarded but do it in such a serious, sincere, and dramatic way. I've had many a laugh from him.

RIP Leslie. :(
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Faliat at 6:15PM, Nov. 29, 2010
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Why is the news not reporting on the worldwide pandemic known as “Natural Causes”?


Call that jumped up metal rod a knife?
Watch mine go straight through a kevlar table, and if it dunt do the same to a certain gaixan's skull in my immediate vicinity after, I GET A F*****G REFUND! BUKKO, AH?!

- Rekkiy (NerveWire)
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PPPchairman at 2:41PM, Dec. 1, 2010
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Pnemonia huh, I always saw him dying from slipping on a bananna peel.
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bravo1102 at 6:09PM, Dec. 1, 2010
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Another legend who re-invented himself in middle age has passed.

Surely you jest.
I don't and stop calling me Shirley.

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itsjustaar at 5:27PM, Dec. 2, 2010
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I actually have a few of those bargain bin movies on DVD where he's actually playing a serious role - ‘The Resurrection of Zachary Wheeler’, ‘Mannequins, Inc.’, and even ‘Prom Night’. It was wise of him to take the comedy route in my opinion; most aren't daring enough to parody their roles onscreen, or at least willing to adapt to another genre.

His best, in my opinion? ‘Wrongfully Accused’.

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Guard: “How dare, YOU!”
Ryan Harrison: “No, how dare, YOU!”
Guard: “No no, how dare, you!”
Ryan Harrison: “How dare you no no my how dare-you!”
Guard: “You dare to dare, ME?!”
Ryan Harrison: “How dare you how dare me when I how dare you, you big pee pee head!”
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carly_mizzou at 9:32AM, Dec. 3, 2010
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I am late in the game here, but…man this actually makes me sad. Like I lost a good friend or something. Time to netflix some naked gun movies!
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KnaveMurdok at 4:17AM, Dec. 7, 2010
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He was a GOOD MAN and lived a LONG AND FULL LIFE, leaving a LEGACY OF MADNESS behind him.

I feel NO SADNESS from his passing, he's earned his rest.
He is YUCKING IT UP in COMEDY HEAVEN with Groucho Marx, Red Skelton, John Belushi, Phil Hartman, Mitch Hedberg and JIM CARREY!

Oh wait, you were NOT MEANT TO KNOW about that last one.
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