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Romans and their toys.
KNO3 at 7:58PM, Nov. 22, 2010
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Neat huh?
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mlai at 3:15AM, Nov. 26, 2010
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The Roman sense of technology, gadgets, architecture, and culture, are remarkably similar to our post-industrial selves. They have tools similar in ethos to ours, buildings that look like our apartments, toilets that function like ours, central heating and running water, practical sense that mirrors ours, etc etc.

Contrast with, say, Europe in the Middle Ages, where everything takes on a decidedly “antiquated” feel. Y'know, drafty dark castles, feudal system, eating with just knives… nothing like our culture.

I used to be unattracted to Roman history precisely because they're so “similar” to us. Castles are much more epic and fantasy-like. But nowadays I love the Romans' take on things.

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alwinbot at 1:57PM, Nov. 30, 2010
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Ugh, the 21st century feels so dated now.
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itsjustaar at 5:06AM, Dec. 3, 2010
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Whoa… that's actually pretty awesome. And I'm usually not into that kind of history, or at least haven't been since - well, school. xD Must have been a pain in the @$$ to lug around though.

and mlai - Jenner for the win. xD …still prefer Justin, though. ;D
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