Round 7! sifueagle interviews krisikas of Age of Ends!
skoolmunkee at 9:06AM, May 7, 2009
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This interview is of krisikas, who assists on the comics Age of Ends , Enter the Duck 3, and others!
(interview conducted by sifueagle!)
1. Tell us about yourself?
I am an 18 years old boy from Lithuania (North East Europe). I like playing basketball, soccer, chess, and hanging out with friends. I live in a capital, Vilnius, but will probably go live to the harbor-city, Klaipeda. I love the sea. Also, I’m blonde with green eyes. xD

2. The infamous why did you get into comics?
I wanted to draw comics since I was little. I used to read Donald Duck comics mostly by then. Since then, I was always trying to start drawing comics. So a few years ago, I found David looking for an artist and started penciling ‘Enter The Duck 3’.

3. You've assisted in quite a few works. How did you meet and work with each story's creator?
There’s no interesting story behind it really. They were writers looking for an artist.

4. Much of your work, including your avatar, is fantasy based. Is this your favorite genre to work in?
Well it’s David's favorite genre, that’s why most of my comics are fantasy based, but I like the fantasy myself. I've written a script and am doing page by page a new comic, but I need to finish school first (about a month left) and pass exams. But probably after half of year, Ill release another fantasy comic. ;D

5. You started working on your own comic, ‘Splash’. Will you be returning to this world? What is this comic about?
Nah, as I said I’m working on my other project. ‘Splash’ has poor script and no real vision. So probably not.

6. Do you have a favorite character that you've worked on and why?
Probably Amaya from AoE, she's pretty, hot and smart. A perfect chick. There’s not many women left like that in the real life. xDDD

7. Do you have favorite mainstream comics and Drunk Duck comics you regularly read?
‘MAG-ISA’ ; ‘Living with Insanity’.

8. What are your biggest inspirations?
Fantasy books, anime, nature, city sights, also dreams.

9. Putting you on the spot creatively, with all your fantasy work and interests, what would be your special weapon in your own tale?
A wand of peace. You could cast a spell that would make everybody hug and kiss. Not boys, only girls with boys and girls with girls. Hah.

10. What are you proudest of and least proud of your work so far?
The comics I’m creating now. I really like the way it turned out. Well pages I've already done anyway. Least proud, ’Splash’ probably. The fact that I won’t probably continue it.

11. You stated fantasy books, anime, nature, city sights, and dreams as your sources of inspirations. Is it the visuals that inspire you or the different feels that each source is able to emote?
Both really.

12. Do you see a big difference in American and European approaches to comics?

13. What do you think is the best of each?

I’ll answer to 12Th and 13Th later. :DD I need to do a research. Lol. Small one anyway.

14. Living in Lithuania, do you have any cool castles near you? I'm sure that would be a good visual source for inspiration.
Well the Castle of Vilnius was destroyed. Only the Gediminas Tower is left.
Yeah, I’ve been there about 10 times. Love the history spirit inside, makes my spirit richer. So yeah, it’s good for inspiration. They are also rebuilding the Palace of Kings near the tower, but since it’s completely rebuilt, it doesn’t have that ancient spirit.

15. Can you tell us a little about your new comic you mentioned? What will it be called and when can we expect it?
It’s a fantasy comic. The words that story developed from were “dragon market”. I really have just written one and a half chapters. Want to draw more now, but I’ll release it when I will have ch.1 done. As for name, I’m still thinking about it.

16. Ever think of having characters from your various comics meet in one adventure?
Well it’s not my characters. It’s mostly David's, but yes that would be pretty cool.

17. Do you find it easy to jump in and begin drawing a new page or do you have to prep yourself, have music playing, give a sacrifice or something along those lines?
No. I can’t draw only if I’m tired. If not, I draw with no preparations. And I usually listen to music when I’m drawing.

18. What would you like to see accomplished with your comic works 5-10 years from now?
Of course, I would like to become a successful comic artist. But Its not really my goal to sell my work. I most likely will work some other job, and then if I work hard I might be published in the future. So I would like to improve very much in these 10 years. Of course, I would like to be published, but I also would like to find a bag full of money. ;DD

It was at this point the lines of communication became broken. Real life probably had something to do with it but I’d like to believe something mystical coming from one of those castles is disrupting this plane of existence.

I’d like to say thanks to Krisikas for his time and for providing the links to the castles.

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houseofmuses at 6:54AM, May 18, 2009
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This is a really good interview! I can imagine that being so close to the old historical sites would be very inspirational. We hope to see more of your work in the future!
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